What REALLY Happens At Bars & Clubs

The art of attracting women is not intuitive.

And only about 3 or 4% of all guys are “naturals” with women.

I know, I know… it seems like EVERY guy but you is good with women when you’re out at bars and clubs.

This is an ILLUSION, by the way.

It’s created by what I call the Fishbowl Error.

The Fishbowl Error simply means that if you were a Goldfish in a fishbowl, you’d be “breathing” water all the time, right?

You’d just assume that the world was one big water-breathing place, even if it was just your tiny fishbowl.

In fact, you wouldn’t even NOTICE

So you bend reality to match your experience.

Let me say that again – it’s BIG:

You bend your reality to match your experience.

If you approach a woman and she’s cold, you bend reality to think: “Geez, the women here are bitches.”

If you try online dating, and you don’t have any success in the first few weeks, you bend reality to think: “This online stuff doesn’t work.”

If you go to a bar and the guys all SEEM to be successful with women, you bend your reality to think: You must be the only guy that can’t meet women here.

Fishbowl Error: All other guys are confident. They can all do it easily. Way better than me.


It’s NOT you. In fact, the reality is just below the surface in the fishbowl of most bars and clubs.

Here’s the REAL WORLD of bars & clubs:

1) Most people have been drinking. Some of the people there are just plain SMASHED.

2) The women are not bitchy. They’re just overly caught up in the social fishbowl they’re in. It’s a place where every guy wants her, and she gets to play the princess looking for her prince.

All the attention, but not with a real clear understanding that she’s being rude.

3) A lot of the guys and girls you see together actually came to the venue together. They didn’t just meet there.

4) Most of the guys that DID approach women had to overcome a lot of inner resistance as well as fear.

Hell, most of them are talking to women only because of the alcohol, AND their one friend that could open a conversation pulled him in.

5) A lot of guys are laughing and talking with women, sure. They look on top of the world.

But most of them are failing. MISERABLY.

Sure, the women look like they’re into it. But they’re just playing along.

Chances are high (about 75% and up) that he’s not creating any real attraction with the woman he’s talking to.

Most of the guys will count on getting her either too drunk to care if he makes a move, or he will just get her phone number.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman

(Which she won’t recognize or answer if he does get up the guts to call her.)

But he will bend reality to think that it was a success.

Hate to bust your beliefs on that, but from years of studying this environment, I know.

Sorry, man. It’s reality.

So when you go out and feel down on yourself because you’re not one of THEM

Just remember that the guys you THINK are doing so well with women are NOT.

And just by reading this article you’re more aware of what’s going on in the social matrix than 90% of them.

AND there’s a light side to this reality.

It’s the truth that no matter where you are right now, you can actually create REAL success with women – no matter where you go.

All it takes is adding a skill.

If you want to do something well, you just need to add a skill. And every skill there is can be learned.

And if you have the right teacher, you can learn it FAST!

If you’d like to start meeting women, everywhere you go – not just having to go to the “meat” market of bars and clubs…

I’ve got something that you should see.

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