Pick Up Women

Sometimes what she says is not what she really means.

Let’s take a look at some common questions women will ask you, what they are really saying, and how you should respond. Now matter how you respond, the last thing you should always say is “Why do you ask?”

This simple question often elicits the real reason she asked the question in the first place.

So, if you want to effectively pick up women, take a look at these questions and answers:

The Right Answers to Pick Up Women:

1. The Question:

“Do you think I’m fat?”

The Answer:

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that she really wants your opinion on whether she should lose a few pounds. That’s not really what she wants to know. What she wants is some reassurance of your attraction to her because for some reason she is feeling insecure. So your answer should be: “No, you look terrific. How come you asked?” Throw in a hug for reassurance and then try to find out why she is feeling insecure.

2. The Question:

“Are you a player?”

The Answer:

What she is really saying is that she likes you but is worried about trusting you. She’s afraid of getting hurt. She also recognizes that other women find you attractive and is wondering if you date a lot of women. She’s attracted to you, but afraid. So your answer should be: “I’ve only dated about thirty women this month, so I’ve slacked off a bit from last.” Say it with a smirk. Deflect this question because you will never be able to give an answer that satisfies her. Saying yes will scare her away but saying no will show you lack confidence and aren’t desirable to other women. End the conversation by saying “Why do you ask?” and see what crops up.

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3. The Question:

“Are you dating other women?”

The Answer:

As you know, I always advise men to date several women at once. I’m sure your first response to this question is to try to make her happy. You know if you say you are seeing other women, it will be game over, so you should never directly say that.

What she is trying to discern is whether there is any competition for your affections. Here’s what you should respond with: “I think you would make a great girlfriend, but I’m not sure I ready to only date one woman right now. I don’t feel comfortable discussing anyone else we might be seeing. Why do you ask?”

4. The Question:

“I don’t want to get into a relationship.”

The Answer:

Okay, technically this is a statement not a question. But let’s look at why she said it and how you should respond. First off, just because she says this doesn’t mean this is how she really feels. Essentially, she is saying she is worried about getting hurt. She’s also testing you to see if you are needy or want to rush a relationship or intimacy.

Here’s how you should answer: “Whoa! Slow down. A relationship? I’m considering pursuing a friendship with you, but not even that until we get to know each other better. You’re coming on a little big strong for someone I’ve just met.”

And again, end it with “Why do you ask?” These are some tips on answering pick up women questions.

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