How To Attract Women In 32 Steps

Adopting an attitude where you are a man who exhibits alpha male traits and who has boundaries and expectations for those you interact with is not always the easy path. Sometimes the path of least resistance is the one that takes you down that slippery slope to becoming a needy, supplicating wimp. Here are 32 reminders and inspiration of what you need to do to be successful in how to attract women and ensure you retain your self-confidence no matter what the situation brings:

How To Attract Women Steps:

1. Don’t put all your hopes upon one girl.

2. The control lies with the partner who cares the least.

3. Being alone is preferable to being with the wrong person.

4. Picture her as the mother of your children and decide from there.

5. In the end, the only thing that matters is truth.

6. Spend time working on your own life instead of hers.

7. Get out of her head.

8. Listen and pay attention to what she is trying to tell you. This is a key skill in approaching women that most men ignore.

9. Be patient.

10. Emulate alpha male stereotypes: Harrison Ford, James Bond, and Cary Grant.

11. Sometimes the only way to get her back is to let her go. If she is interested, she’ll come back on your terms.

12. Don’t ever forget there are millions of women in the world to date. There are probably hundreds more exactly like her and possibly thousands better than she is.

13. To avoid manipulation, keep emotional distance to a certain extent.

14. Don’t tolerate any manipulation.

15. Instead of pushing try leading. This is an important step in attracting women.

16. Don’t ask. Instead, use your skills at enticing to suggest what you want.

17. Remember that being unhappy comes from wanting things to be different.

18. If you don’t do what is best for you, nobody else will.

19. Maintain an aura of mystery. Make sure you combine the qualities of being enigmatic, aloof, attentive, and in demand. If you are too safe to her, you’ve lost her.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
20. Remind yourself that she has the demand for what you supply.

21. Don’t over analyze things.

22. Make sure her attraction level and interest level are always increasing.

23. You can create some mystery by being the first to leave or break off an embrace.

24. If it can’t be changed, don’t spend time fretting about it unless you are doing something about it.

25. Subject every woman you date to a probation period of at least 90 days.

26. If you act like you are married or don’t like them, they will work to gain your attention and approval. This is a little known secret in approaching women.

27. What really counts is how a guy makes a woman feel.

28. Putting her on a pedestal nearly ensures you will lose her later.

29. Hold off on decision making if you are feeling insecure.

30. Don’t make assumptions about her world.

31. Try to view her behavior in an objective manner. Is she acting in a way that shows she is attracted to you? Actions speak louder than words.

32. You’ve lost control if you spend time wondering what she is thinking.

32. Practice gratitude. You’ll never gain happiness or be successful in how to attract women, unless you are content with what you have right now.

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