Flirting Tips For Men

The date has gone swimmingly and now you are heading back to your place. Now here is where there is a make it or break it moment. Depending on the state of your pad, she may stay or flee.

Did you realize that your home is a huge indicator of your personality? The woman you bring over is going to be analyzing it for clues to what you are essentially about. This is important tool in your arsenal of flirting tips for men.

If it is a train wreck and you didn’t even bother to pick it up before your date, she’s going to think that you are lazy and won’t put any effort into your interactions with her.

If it’s full of empty beer cans and Playboy calendars, she’s going to think you are immature. Your house is a reflection of you, so here’s some ideas on how to make it work for you and increase her attraction toward you:

Flirting Tips For Men House Rules:

1. Your home, whether it is a 400 square foot trailer or a 5,000 square foot penthouse loft, must be neat, clean, and organized. There should be no clothes on the floor or dust bunnies or cobwebs. Food and soda containers should be in the trash. Your kitchen and bathroom especially should be clean and not smell bad.

Have clean sheets on your bed and fresh towels hanging in the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Everything in your home should work. Don’t tell her you have to climb through the fire escape to get in because your lock is broken or that she needs to knock on the neighbor’s door to use the toilet. Makes sure your home functions and that it doesn’t have holes in the wall or floors or doors and broken items anywhere.

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3. Be ready for a female guest. I don’t care if you haven’t brought a woman home for a year besides your mother, make sure your house is set up to be inviting to bringing a female home. This involves romantic lighting at your fingertips, whether from a dimmer, candlelight, or both.

It isn’t presumptuous to keep a condom close to the bed – it’s just smart. Don’t have them hanging out all over the place, though. Keep them in a discreet location, not in your medicine cabinet.

Hide any signs that other women have been over. I would include pictures and so on.

Stock your frig with some wine and food such as chocolate or fruit.

Make sure you can flip on some sensual music in seconds. This all helps set a mood and atmosphere that will help you both relax and enjoy each other’s company.

4. When you have a female guest, do not answer your phone. This is flattering to her and helps prevent any problems if it is another girl calling.

If you have an answering machine, keep your volume at the lowest setting so your date doesn’t have to hear some other girl on the line.

Stock your refrigerator with the bare necessities for breakfast, such as eggs and bacon, in case she stays over. These are some notes on flirting tips for men.

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