Ways to Seduce Her

Deep down all women want to date a man who is chivalrous.

Women are biologically programmed to respond to men who are providers and who demonstrate that with chivalrous behavior. Here are a few ways to seduce her effectively so that you will both be satisfied and happy.

Ways To Seduce Her:

1. Be chivalrous. This means opening doors, including vehicle and building doors. It also means letting her enter first, whether it is through a doorway, onto a bus, sitting down at a table, let her go first.

Pull out her chair, order for her once she decides, help her with her coat, and walk on the street side of the sidewalk.

Don’t make a big deal out of these gestures; just try to fit them in seamlessly and naturally as if it were routine and soon it will become that. You want to give the impression that you do this for all women all the time.

When you perform these acts, it is important to not make too much of a display of them. You must act as though this is natural, even routine for you. It’s not just special treatment for her because you’re trying to impress her. You convey that you do this all the time for the women in your life.

2. Take the Initiative. I don’t care how much you love when a woman calls you first or approaches you; it’s up to you to make the first move.

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Of course there will be times when a woman approaches you or gives you her phone number without your asking, but don’t count on this. You need to be comfortable being the one who takes the initiative. I don’t care how independent a woman is, she still wants you to be the man.

We’re talking about centuries of biologically programmed mating behavior that is not going to go away overnight.

Accept that women want a guy who takes charge and then be that guy.

3. Find a wing man, co-pilot, or mentor so show you the ropes in the dating arena. Find someone who is experienced in this game and buy him a beer so you can pick his brain.

Listen to others success stories and figure out how you can bring some of those elements into your own game.

Once you find a guy to learn from remember these two key factors:

  • Be the type of guy who can set his ego aside and learn from others. Don’t be a know-it-all. Be open to learning from another guy.
  • Find a role model. Find a guy who has the type of success you hope to have in the dating world and ask for his help. Successfully doing this means setting aside your ego.

4. Flirt constantly. Make flirting a part of your personality. I like to say you should ABF (Always be flirting). When you flirt with everyone, all the time, it becomes natural and that is always attractive.

These are some ways to seduce her.

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