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The biggest mistake men make when they are trying to get a girlfriend is erroneously thinking that a girl will solve all their problems.

Too many men think that a girlfriend will boost their self-confidence, ease their loneliness, and fill all the other gaps they might have in their lives.

Having a girlfriend should be viewed as a way to complement and enhance your life, but not as a way to fill in your shortcomings.

If you are serious about  getting into a relationship, I want you to grab a pen and piece of paper before you read the rest of this article. Putting something down on paper is powerful and creates an image in your subconscious that will help you achieve your goals. Make sure you are specific with your details and your goals.

Here are a few tips on how to find your dream girl:

Get A Girlfriend Tips:

1. Make a list of what traits you want in a girlfriend. These may seem basic, but believe me, every guy has a different list. Describe her looks. List whether her education level is important. How about disposition? Do you want a fiery, passionate woman or an even-keel type of gal?

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Is it important she likes country music like you? Must she be an atheist, would you prefer a religious woman, or does it not matter at all. What about age? Does she have to be above a certain age or under a certain age?

These are all crucial factors to consider. Once you list them, categorize them into two lists: “Deal Breakers” or “Would Be Nice, but Not Necessary.” You must know what is a deal breaker before you even begin a relationship. For instance, if you are a rapid nonsmoker, a girlfriend who smokes might send you over the edge.

Here are some characteristics you should go back and add to your list if they aren’t already on it: low-maintenance, has integrity, is respectful and has a good attitude.

Low Maintenance: This means a girl who is flexible and who is not demanding. One who can communicate effectively?

Integrity: You need to be able to trust her. Is she honest?

Respect: Does she treat you as an equal or as if you are subservient? Does she trust you? Does she have control issues?

Good Attitude: Is she a taker or giver? Is she manipulative? Stable? Positive? Do you both have compatible sex drives?

2. Make a Plan On How To Get Her. Once you have your list, make your game plan. Figure out all the places you are going to go to look for her. It might include the library, college classes, the museum, the bars, and so on.

3. Spruce Up Your Looks. Make sure your wardrobe is stylish and that you are looking your best physically. Plan on asking at least five women each day for their phone numbers. (Remember that dating and finding a girlfriend is a numbers game.)

That will get you started, but it is important to realize that you should probably include these traits when you are compiling your list  on how to get a girlfriend. They are important for you to have a healthy, happy relationship.

~Carlos Xuma~


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