How To Meet Women

This is a huge lesson to memorize if you want to know how to meet women.

The conversation is flowing like fine wine. She is laughing at your jokes and even gently touching your arm when she emphasizes a point. You must see her again and somewhere away from a busy bar room. The next step is figuring out a way to get her number so you can get together again.

How exactly are you going to close the deal? Guys come to me time and again with this question about how to approach women and make sure you see them in the future.

How To Meet Women Tips:

1. First off, play it cool. I don’t care if you think you’ve met your future wife, play it cool, calm, and collected, Romeo.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Say this: “It was nice to meet you.” Start to walk away, but then as if it is a last minute thought, turn back around. Hey, we might want to continue this talk a little later. Give me your number.”

That’s the trick in meeting women and get future dates.

It’s that simple. Know why? Because this is the test. There is no black and white here. Either she’s interested in you and gives you her number or she doesn’t. If she doesn’t, it doesn’t matter what she says to you. It doesn’t matter if she says, she really likes you but she has a boyfriend. It doesn’t matter if she says she doesn’t have a phone. (If she really likes you, she’ll give you her friend’s number to contact you.) It doesn’t matter if she says she would but she has a terminal illness and doesn’t want you to fall in love with her and have your heart broken.

2. Anything less than yes is a no. I don’t care how beautifully she spins her web of gentle rejection, it is still rejection. Either she gives you her number or she doesn’t. The “why” doesn’t matter.

3. No matter what she says, you act cool. You can even say, “That’ okay, the night is young” as you wink and walk away.

The problem is most guys will create some elaborate justification that she really is into them and that her excuse to not give her number is really valid and yada yada.

Stop doing all of that. No means no. Yes means yes. Anything less than yes is no.

4. And whatever you do, don’t give her your number first. This is a huge thing you must remember in learning how to approach women.

This technique – starting to walk away and then turning back at the last minute – is a bit of a psychological move. It gives her the impression that she has lost you, but then when you turn back around, she will be more interested because she will have sensed a momentary feeling of regret that you are walking away without any chance of the two of you speaking again.

These are some tips on how to meet women.

~Carlos Xuma~

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