Pick Up Artist Technique

Pick Up Artist Technique

Men who want to learn how to pick up women are really looking for advice and tips on how to show they are confident, can flirt, and have the ability to attract women. And all of that will hopefully lead to getting a phone number, a date, and more.

The true pick up artist is a guy who has learned from his mistakes and has a tool belt containing some tips and great pick up artist technique that make it easy to attract women.
Pick Up Artist Techniques

Pick Up Artist Technique #1 Wear Your Confidence Like a Badge

I’ve said this before, but one difference between a successful pick up artist and you? Confidence. If you learn how to project your confidence to women by showing a confident but casual interest, you will be extremely attractive to them.

Body language is key in projecting confidence so pick up a book on body language and memorize it. Learn how to stand, sit, and move in a way that just oozes confidence. Meanwhile, use your body language to show you are not intimidated or afraid and are a secure, confident man.

Pick Up Artist Technique #2 Let sexual tension build

A true pick up artist knows that the longer he waits for the prize, the sweeter it is. Most men rush around thinking it’s ado or die situation and put so much pressure on themselves that they blow it. They act like they only have one shot.

Instead of acting like this, take your time and let the sexual tension build. Don’t be so accessible. Take your time and be a bit aloof. She will want you more this way.

Pick Up Artist Technique #3 Surround Yourself With Women

Be seen with lots of women. Not just one you are affectionate with all night, but lots of different women at different times and places. Men fear that other women will see this and think they are a player, but actually, it will make her curious about you. It will intrigue her and she will become interested.

Pick Up Artist Technique #4 Make No Excuses

If a woman asks if you are a player or wants to know if you are exclusive, don’t lie to her, but don’t apologize for dating others. Be honest but elusive. You don’t need to provide specific details, but you can tell her that what is most important is that you really enjoy spending time with her.

Technique #5 Don’t be an Eager Beaver

Don’t call women too quickly. It’s OK to play a big hard to get and have her wondering when you will call her, but don’t wait too long.

Technique #6 Make yourself Socially Desirable

Women can be just as competitive in men in trying to compete for the most socially desirable man. Let her work for you a bit. Be available, but not too available. Leave a bit of mystery to every interaction. Don’t be needy or act weak. Act confident and unafraid to express your interest. But don’t give it all away. Make her wonder about the extent of your interest and you will capture her attention for good.

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