Dating Advice For Guys

Dating Advice For Guys

It’s not always easy being a guy.

Sometimes it seems like all the power lies in women’s hands, but we men have more power than we think. The key to unlocking that power is in having a little bit of knowledge, a little bit of information that can make you downright dangerous and sexy.

There is a science to dating. Men are not born with the ability to attract women. Well, maybe a few are, but for the rest of us, it is something we can learn. There are tips and techniques that can make us stand a head above all the jerks out there on the prowl.

I’m going to share with you three important dating advice secrets to having a great dating life right now and if you take them to heart you will increase your sex appeal ten-fold:

Dating Advice for guysDating Advice For Guys SECRET #1: Having passion is sexy

An easy way to improve your self-confidence and your attractiveness to women is to turn your focus inward and spend time pursuing your passions. The more you do this, the more women will be interested in you.

Whatever your passion is, think about how it makes you feel. Do you feel confident? Do you feel alive, energized and excited?

Of course. That’s the beauty of a passion. Remember how that feels and the next time you are in a conversation with a woman, bring up this passion of yours. Talk about it and how it makes you feel.

Talking about your passion makes you more alive, more energized and shows you are ambitious and interesting.

Dating Advice For Guys SECRET #2: Why Women Like Jerks

There is a middle ground between the nice guy – who by the way always finishes last – and the jerk. It’s called the alpha male.

When you are the nice guy, you aren’t exciting enough for the woman to think of you in a sexual context. Women who say they just want to be friends with you are telling you that you don’t turn them on it that way.

You are too nice and too safe.

The nice guy never says no, always compliments her, buys her things, and is constantly seeking approval. The nice guy is weak and a turn off.

The jerk is fake, arrogant, aggressive and a pain to be around.

The alpha male or alpha man is the leader of the pack who is dominant, masculine, self confident and respected. Unlike the jerk, who might use his brawn to vie for dominance, the alpha male uses his brain.

Because the alpha male has so much confidence and is sure of his value in a relationship, he is able to be his true self and act in a genuine way. You don’t have to buy a woman’s attention. The alpha male knows how to handle situations with finesse and is self confident and secure.

Dating Advice For Guys SECRET #3: Cultivate the Three S’s

The three S’s are self-confidence, sense of humor and self-control. Let’s take a look at each one.

Self-confidence is how you show your inner self-esteem. It’s that security about yourself and the outward projection of how much you like yourself. A woman can spot self-confidence from across the room.

Sense of humor means you can make her laugh. This will relax her, open her, and make her more interested in getting to know you. It also creates a connection. You don’t have to be wisecracking jokes but you should be playful, fun, and lighthearted.

Self –control means you know how to act appropriately and know how to exercise restraint. You are calm, cool, and collected even in the middle of chaos. Women will gauge and test this about you.

These are the 3 secrets of dating advice for guys..

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