Dating Advice For Guys

Dating Advice For Guys

Dating can be a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows. You can study all the dating advice for guys under the sun, but chances are no matter what, your relationship is going to end one of two ways – either by the two of you breaking up or by the two of you tying the knot.

If it is a break-up, again, it can go one of two ways – she dumps you or you dump her. Either way, when a break-up occurs, you need to know how to cut the ties and look for more satisfying hunting grounds.

She might have stomped on your heart and then ground it into the dirt, but you are going to have to dig deep within you and grab that strength, resolve, and independence you had before you started seeing her. Remember the tips and techniques you learned as a single guy studying dating advice for guys.

Often, even when you are the one severing the relationship, you may find it hard to stay away and break those ties. Again, you need to reach deep and be strong. One thing I know is that these painful moments are the ones we grow the most from. They bring out our best – and our worst.

Sometimes we end a relationship not because we are unhappy, but because the relationship would require us to face some things about ourselves we need to improve. Sometimes a relationship ends because we have grown as a person and are looking for something different than when we were learning dating advice for guys.

Each case is different, but one factor remains constant: you must know what your breaking point is. Don’t let your ego keep you in a situation that is wrong for you. For instance, any type of abuse, emotional, verbal, and physical – these are absolutely not tolerated. No matter what. You should have a list of deal breaker behaviors that you will not tolerate, as well as a list of standards she must live up to.

This should be obvious, but in my opinion, it’s always better to be the dumper instead of the dumpee. I think people fear breaking up with someone else. This might stem from a subconscious fear of loss. It might stem from the misconception that this is the only person out there for them. Most likely, this comes from abandonment issues from that inner child. Let it go. Remind yourself that there are plenty of fish in the sea. This may be one of the most important tips I share when I talk about dating advice for guys.

Here is how a break-up usually progresses:

1. Alpha Male Behavior (self-confidence, sense of humor, and self-discipline) comes to a halt. In other words, the man gives up and quits trying. He figures he’s already conquered the girl.

2. The woman becomes bored. She loses attraction and interest. The man mistakenly sees this as her achieving a comfort level. Wrong.

3. Arguing escalates. Often it has to do with her withholding sex. She distances herself (she has lost attraction, remember) and he tries to pester her into sex and attraction rather than going back to those alpha male qualities he’s forgotten about.

4. It starts to suck and both can’t take anymore.

5. She’s got another boyfriend a week later because she already had this lined up when things were going south in step 1. The man doesn’t get it and consoles himself with booze.

The point of this scenario is to show if you want to keep your girl around, it takes some work. Maintain your alpha male behavior. Kick any wimpy, dependent behavior to the curb.This is key dating advice for guys.

Don’t break up just because you wonder about greener grass – it usually isn’t, and it has to be mowed, too. Do it because you know you aren’t going to reach your goal this way. It’s time to refresh your memory as to why you’re in this game in the first place.

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