Seduce Women

Seduce Women

Having a one-night stand has never been my objective, but that isn’t to say that an occasional casual romp in the hay is a bad thing. I think a lot of guys are looking for a night of intimacy without the potential of a relationship. This doesn’t make them bad guys. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that plenty of women out there also want to have a fling. They want casual sex without having to commit to a relationship. Sometimes you find this out the hard way when you seduce women. For instance, you meet a girl and sleep with her right off. But this time, you actually fall for her. Hard. Then, as luck would have it, you find out that she just wanted a little fun in the sack. She isn’t interested in a relationship and dumps you. I call this reverse-payback.

Not fair, but nobody every said life was fair, right? The reason I bring this up is to illustrate that wanting a one-night stand doesn’t mean you are a player or are using or hurting women. When you are going out to seduce women, remember that there are plenty of women who are interested in the exact same scenario.

If the goal is to have no strings casual sex, you are going to have to change your game plan to seduce women. Even when you find women looking for this same thing, they are still going to want the other qualities from you that you project when trying to find a girl for a long-term relationship. Those three primary elements are attraction, trust, and respect. The difference is the quantity wanted.

For instance, if you want someone to jump into bed with you shortly after you meet, you are going to have to amp up your aggressive teasing and humor and learn how to seduce women much faster. That means moving from a public place to a more private one as soon as you can. Get her isolated, away from her friends and other people as you intensify your approach and begin the seduction.

When you are looking for a woman to have a one-night stand with, your ideal candidate will be the woman you have immediate mutual attraction with. You know what I’m talking about – that instant chemistry and gut-level attraction that both of you feel strongly. You know when it just clicks. It doesn’t’ mean that woman is easy to get in bed; just that she is ready for you to try it. It will still take self-discipline.

What happens after you get intimate could be anything. Maybe you’ll never see her again or maybe you’ll have a short-term romance or even have her be someone you have an occasional fling with – -you know, a friend with benefits type situation. And there have been plenty of relationships that end up resulting from this initial contact.

Regardless of where it eventually ends up, you need to make sure you are not making any promises when you seduce women for a one-night stand. Don’t put out a false pretense or lie. It is dishonorable and you will eventually suffer the consequences of our action. I’m not going to try to convince you Karma exists, but you already realize that every action you take affects you and your future. Players will eventually have something that comes back later to haunt them.

So, you have my blessing to get out there and have a one-night stand. Just remember to act honorably and honestly and you will thank me later.

-Carlos Xuma

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