How To Seduce A Woman

How To Seduce A Woman

Somewhere between being a nice guy and being a jerk likes the key to how to seduce a woman. If you can find this sweet spot between the two archetypes, you will unlock the secret to what women want and you will never find yourself alone again.

How To Seduce A Woman

The nice guy grew up listening to his mother teaching him how to treat women. He heard sisters complain about men’s behavior. One day, he decided he never wanted to act like this and make women feel bad. He decided he would be different than all the other guys out there causing women pain.

He would be sweet and caring and a friend. By doing this, he believed he would get all the women and all the sex. But when he grew up and did this, he turned himself into a doormat. His big mistake? He listened to what women said instead of watching what they went for. This is what you need to realize in your journey on how to seduce a woman.

It doesn’t matter how many times his mother tells him that someday a girl will come along who will appreciate his nice guy qualities, he’s still going to miss out. He is trying to be what he THINKS women wants and he tries to make women feel comfortable around him and tries to distance himself from the jerk and the players. But by doing so, he also sheds all of his alpha male traits and appears wishy washy and weak.

He begins to seem and sound emasculated because he sympathizes with women TOO MUCH.

But here’s the reality: if you really want to know how to seduce a woman, you have to realize you don’t want her to feel too at ease or comfortable. That kills sexual tension. She can feel safe and excited at the same time and that is what you are aiming for.

Some men think women want a guy who will listen to them, be sensitive and their friend. But that’s not really what women want. They want a guy who can be a good listener and share some feelings, but who ultimately is very masculine.

Here’s another roadblock for Mr. Nice Guy, who grew up loving his mom and sisters and wants to be the guy who is respectful to women – being ashamed of wanting to get laid. There is nothing wrong with sexual urges and wanting to have sex. It’s natural and its’ healthy and you shouldn’t be afraid to show that side of yourself. If you want to know how to seduce a woman, show that side to a girl. It’s almost always a turn on.

Here’s another little secret: women want sex as much as men. You are not using a woman for sex; you are both getting something out of it.

If you want to learn how to seduce a woman, you have to remember some of the key points in this article. Here they are in summary:

  • Women want sex. Just because you want sex doesn’t make you a bad guy. That sex drive actually makes you more attractive to women.
  • Women want a guy who can listen to them and who is sensitive – to a point. They don’t want another best friend, so make sure you never let her forget you are a man – preferably a take-charge, masculine one at that.
  • Don’t make her feel too comfortable around you. Keep a bit of sexual tension going. Find that balance between her trusting you and her feeling excited around you.

There you go. Always remember these tips on how to seduce a woman.

-Carlos Xuma

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