Flirting Tips For Guys

Flirting Tips For Guys

When we flirt with a girl we are really after one thing – we want to attract women. We want the woman to be interested in us and find us attractive. If you’ve studied any flirting tips for guys, then you already know that flirting can be subtle. It can be overt. It can be done entirely through body language – a look – or entirely with words.Flirting Tips For Guys

But all too often guys throw a wrench in the works with behaviors that are major turn offs to women. Here are some behaviors that cancel out any flirting tips for guys you might try.

  • Acting clingy and needy. When men act like wimpy doormats, they are broadcasting their insecurity across the room. If she sees this behavior in what you say or do, she’s going to run. She doesn’t want to date someone like this. Calling her too much and acting jealous are two behaviors that scream clingy/needy.
  • Being a Try Hard. Men who try too hard, are overeager or zealous will make her suspicious and run away.
  • Big Mouths. If you tell her how cool you are, you look like a jerk. If you are truly, really cool, let her find out on her own through bits and pieces and she will think you are even cooler than you really are.
  • Temper, temper. If you have outbursts of anger or lose your temper, she will run. Women feel they can’t trust a man with a short fuse. She doesn’t want to live in fear of angering a man or feeling intimidated by him.
  • Not sensitive. This is a guy who doesn’t know how to walk that fine line between gentle teasing and being a jerk and insulting her.
  • Blah. Don’t be boring. Learn how to show a girl your personality and what makes you different and interesting. If you don’t know how to do this, start learning some flirting tips for guys and memorize them.
  • Overbearing. Anyone who acts pushy or tries to get their way by whining or coercion is a red flag to a woman.
  • Wishy Washy. Have a backbone. Demonstrate that you have leadership traits. Be decisive. Don’t be passive. Have some dominant, take charge behaviors.
  • Be interested. Listen to what she has to say. If you want her interest in you to be sustained, you better be interested in what she has to say instead of focusing on her chest.
  • Being a pig. Coarse behavior never works.
  • Slut behavior. If she thinks this is all you want, she’s gone. Be subtle. Make her wonder.
  • Impatient behavior. Don’t act too eager for anything. Show you have self-disciplined. Act nonchalant and relaxed. This is an important one when it comes to flirting tips for guys.
  • Being Pissy. Men tend to not have enough self-control and discipline over their emotions and get defensive in response to a woman’s moods, actions, and words. If you can keep your reactions under control, she will have more respect for you and attraction for you. Let it slide off your back.
  • Bad attitude. Having a negative or bad attitude is always a turn off.
  • Being a mooch. This means being stingy, being cheap and not being self-sufficient or showing you can provide. This doesn’t mean you have to be the only one who ever pays, but it does mean that if you are meeting for dinner, you better be prepared to pay. If you’re not, then plan a less traditional date.

Remember when it comes to learning flirting tips for guys, it is almost more important to know what NOT to do, as it is to learn what TO do. Study these and avoid them and you will show her you are an alpha male worth her time and energy.

– Carlos Xuma

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