How To Flirt With Women

Let’s face it: how to  flirt with women is to show men sexually attracted to that woman. You aren’t going to flirt with someone you want to be friends with. You aren’t going to flirt with your elderly aunt. You flirt as a way to express your interest and attraction.

But most men confuse flirting with talking about sex. When I talk to men about  flirting with women and we go over their mistakes, I repeatedly see men who initiate or participate in sexual conversations way too early in the game.

How To Flirt With Women Secrets:

1 . Here’s a secret: Women don’t want, need, or even like sexual innuendos or hints from men that the man wants to have sex with her. Why not? Because, it’s obvious. It’s a given. Of course, women know men are interested in them for sex. They don’t care about that.

What they care about is whether the man is any different than any other man they’ve met. This is the key seducing  women: show you are original and not cut from the same mold as every other horny guy out there.

I’m not saying that women don’t love to engage in a conversation about sex. But here is the difference; they want to be the one to initiate the subject. And just by talking about it, it doesn’t mean they are ready to have sex with you. But take comfort in knowing if she is comfortable initiating that topic that you are on your way.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
When I talk to men about  flirting with women, I like to use a technique I call The Sexual Reversal Strategy. Here is how it works:

2. First, take some time to demonstrate that you are worthy by showing that you are self-confident, self-disciplined, and have a sense of humor.

Then, as you see her attraction toward you building and you can see she is wondering whether you are attracted to her, sit back and watch what happens.

3. She will most like do one of two things: She will drop some small hints that she is attracted to you or she will pretend to accidentally say something suggestive.

The most important part of what I teach in seducing women is what you do next:

4. If she jokingly says that you think she’s getting you drunk to take advantage of you, then you respond with something like this:

“Hey, not too fast now, tiger. It’s not that easy. You can’t just cart me off to the bedroom that easily. I need a little romancing.”

She’ll respond with a smile and be amused.

Your next line: “I know girls like you. You buy a guy a few drinks and then try to talk him into coming back to your place.”

Here you can wink and then change the subject to something more serious or off topic, such as “Where did you get that really interesting bracelet?”

The reason this works is simple. It shows that you are different from every other guy out there. You don’t jump at any sexual suggestive remark she makes and you don’t go too fast. You actually make her wonder a bit about your attraction to her. You are creating a bit of mystery, which fosters attraction. This is a great strategy for how to flirt with women.

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