Tips on how to make a woman want you on Facebook

You’ve been eyeing her, a girl you really want on Facebook, for a long time. You’re hoping that you can connect with her, ask her out and make her yours.

But, you’re stuck. Paralyzed with fear. Not sure of how to make it happen and clueless on what to do.

Well, here are 3 proven tips that you can use to get rapport and connection with you – and her attention…


Meet Girls On Facebook – Tip  #1: Fix your Facebook profile

Make sure your Facebook shows the best side of you.  Your profile is an important aspect of your “first impression” in her eyes.

What should your profile look like?

Make sure you don’t have a blank profile. It shows to the girl the lack of disinterest on your part about life. She can profile you as boring and that is a major turn off.


Show your interests and hobbies. Just be real. Update your profile with your legit interests and hobbies. Make it legit so when you get to go out with her, you don’t have to pretend liking or doing something you’re not used to. Just avoid overly geeky stuff that women can’t relate to, like guns, martial arts, and computer tech stuff. Sure, some women dig this, but it’s rare, and you want to cast a wide net.

Having that information on your profile lets her know that you are an interesting and fun guy.

No negativity! Try and stay away from posting negative thoughts or gloomy stuff. That will only scare her off. Remember, your profile is her first impression of you. Show her you’re a good guy and you’re the right guy for her. The good thing is, you don’t need to say it yourself. Your profile can do all the heavy lifting for you.

Meet Girls On Facebook – Tip #2: Get to know her

Now, that you have improved your Facebook profile to set yourself up for success, it’s time to check out her profile too, so you can get a good understanding of who she is and what possible common interests you both have.


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