Confidence: Part 6 – Sexy Time

Hey, it’s Carlos – I’ve got a guest article from my good buddy Spike today…

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Other than a lack of self-confidence, few things will turn a woman off faster than a man who has no clue what he is doing in the bedroom. Sex is a subject in which you, as a MAN, need to be well versed.

Especially in a long term relationship that can tend to grow stale over time. Having strong sexual skills from the very start can get you, and keep you, a happy and healthy love life.

The problem is, who’s teaching us? Where do you learn these skills? When I was coming of age, there was public school and Dr. Ruth. In school, I think I learned what an ovary was. No matter how much “Sex Ed” a school gets into, they will never teach you how to please a woman, that is not their purpose anyway.


So I learned from trial and error and what my, just as clueless, classmates pieced together for me. Although I do have to thank a lovely young lady in high school who taught me many things. And Dr. Ruth is a shrinking 85 year old now.

Nothing more off-putting than having your grandma tell you how to get her rocks off, and most of you probably have no idea who she is anyway.

Another problem we face – our own egos. We think we know what we are doing because, hey, we’ve been with a woman or three, right? So what. You do know that upwards of 80-90% of all women fake orgasms frequently right?

And as I have been told by several women, the other 10-20% are lying. There are many reasons they do this. Sometimes they just want it over with, because the man is clumsy and clueless. Or maybe they love him, but they don’t want to hurt his feelings. Possibly they have their own issues and have a hard time getting there (Your knowledge would go a long way toward helping them).


Sadly, most men do not realize that they have a problem, or the techniques that will remedy the situation. Think back to when a woman simply disappeared on you. Sometimes they do that too.

It could have been that you just weren’t doing it for her. It could be a million things, but believe me, if you are rocking her world; she will stick around. So congratulations on being a MAN who is bettering yourself! You are reading this right now because you are becoming aware and engaged.

No need to apologize!Seeking to please women is not a sign of weakness, but real strength. Understanding that you need to be constantly learning about women so that you can become a better lover is enlightened indeed. So where to start…

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