Confidence With Women

I know a drop dead gorgeous girl who really wanted to find a guy to date, but kept striking out. She can’t find one who can maintain confidence with women. Finally, she found a guy she liked and ended up marrying him.

I asked her what made him stand out from the other masses of men who approached her constantly.

She told me this: “He opened doors for me. He pulled out my chair. He asked me what I wanted for dinner and then ordered for me.”

Wow. That was it. It’s called chivalry folks and it is apparently a lost art.

It doesn’t matter how enlightened the women are and how much they believe in being treated as an equal, nine out of ten women appreciate this quality in a man.

Here are some ways to improve your dating life.

Confidence With Women Tips:

1. Open the doors for her. That means the car door, the front door, and the restaurant door. Do it for every woman you encounter until it is a habit. Courtesy never gets old.

– Let her go in front of you. She goes first entering a store, restaurant, subway, etc. Let her go first.

– Pull out her chair for her unless the waiter does it first. Don’t overdo this, but when the opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate.

– Help her put on her coat or take her coat and hang it up when she takes it off.

– Keep yourself between her and the street when walking.

The important thing to remember is do this as if it is natural behavior for you. Don’t do it with a flourish. Do it for all the women in your world until it becomes habit.

2. Make the first move.

Sorry Charlie, these are the rules of the road. Of course, every once in a while you might meet a forward woman who approaches you, gets your phone number, initiates physical contact, etc. But the majority of time the ball is in your court, partner.

3. Be a man. Despite what you think, this goes hand in hand with women being treated equally. After all, we’re not going to change centuries of mating rituals because of changes over the past few decades. So, behave like a man if you want to attract women.

4. Always be flirting. That means all the time with every woman you encounter. The elderly woman on the bus. The young lady at the checkout stand. Flirting means making someone feel good about themselves. It doesn’t need to have a sexual connotation.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Use every interaction with women to hone your attraction techniques. What this does is it gives you the ultimate confidence with women so that when you do see that drop dead gorgeous woman in the elevator, you can easily strike up a conversation. You are so practiced and skilled at interacting with women that she will become just another girl for you to talk to. This will make you seem confident and assured.

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