Confidence: Part 7 – Impeccable

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Losers make promises they often break. Winners make commitments they always keep. ~Denis Waitley

In life, we hold people accountable for the things they say and the things they do. So why do some people think love is any different? People say things like, “All’s fair in love and war.

Having been betrayed by those closest to me, I can wholeheartedly call BS on that line of thinking. Vapid, mindless sentiments that give credence to terrible behaviors, undermine the very important idea of self responsibility, a concept that is perilously lacking from our society these days.

You can stand out far and above people who hold these views; the wannabees who think they have to lie to a woman to get her to want them, to act like someone they are not. When all they have to do is be true to who they are, be strong in their convictions, and tell a woman the truth; whether it is that you want to be casual, want a threesome, or want the full romantic road to marriage package. It’s not always easy, it takes will power and self confidence.

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There are some PUA’s out there who actually teach that it is easier to bed married women than single ones. I do not subscribe to their teachings. Though it may be true, it is not the right thing to do. It undermines the true purpose of what we are learning.

And there are plenty of single women out there! Improving ourselves as men, making ourselves more desirable, and making women feel good is supposed to be our goal. What we do with our knowledge and power is what defines whether we are a strong solid MAN or a manipulative douchebag.

I always found that women respected me when I was honest with them. I was clear on where I stood at any moment in our relationships. I never lied to gain favor, telling them what I assumed they wanted to hear. If we were not in a committed relationship;


I was clear that I was seeing other people and they were free to do the same. If they did not want that, I was never upset with them or hurt. It was their life and their prerogative. I simply wished them all the best and moved on. I am still on friendly terms with most of them to this day. Because I was honest.

Your word is your word. It defines who you are. It’s your reputation. You should be protective of that. No woman can say that I lied to her. I didn’t have to. Not to say that I haven’t pissed a few off with my honesty, but that’s life. I have never cheated on a woman and never will. You simply do not have to. You also do not have to get weak when a woman puts you on the spot and asks the common question,

“So, where’s this going?” Just stick to what you want, and be honest. Don’t be scared that you will lose her. Truth is, you probably will, at least eventually, if you are not in a place to commit. But that is no reason to lie to keep her around. It will only hurt her in the end, and that is not what a MAN does.

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