5 Signs To Know If She Is Interested In You

You’ve been looking at a woman you like for months at a bar or coffee shop but couldn’t master the courage to ask her out.

Not sure of what those smiles, glances, and looks you’re getting from women mean?

You want to ask a woman out, but you need an assurance that you won’t be rejected. You like to have clear signs that she is into you, too.

So, how can you tell if a woman is attracted to you?


Here are 5 signs to help you know if she is interested enough to have date with you.

She’s Into You – Sign #1: She’s flirting with you

Most women don’t like to be obvious when they flirt. A hair toss, or when she says “Aww” after you do something are clear indications she’s flirting with you …and yes, she likes you.

Even better is if she touches you.

She will occasionally touch your arm, and giving you a hug you are clear indications as well.

Just be on the lookout for actions that are only meant ONLY for you. Meaning, she only does with you and not to anyone else.

She’s Into You – Sign #2: The way she looks at you

When you look at a woman, and she holds her gaze with you, she likes you! Just smile back and when she smiles back, approach her and say hi.

Women don’t typically approach guys. They want to know you’re really interested in them, so they give you a “go for it” signal to see if you’re man enough to step up.


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