5 Signs To Know If She Is Interested In You

She’s Into You – Sign #3: Observe her friends too

Women spend most of the time with their girlfriends. If you see friends with the woman you like glancing in your direction, giggling and smiling, that means she must have told them she was interested.

Ba da bing!

Bust a move and go say hello.


She’s Into You – Sign # 4: Watch her body language

You can learn a lot when you observe a woman’s body movements. There are a lot of signs that will tell you she wants to get to know you a little better.

Look at her lips, a clear sign is when she touches them, bites or licks them unconsciously. Watch her eyes when you talk, her eyes will scan your face and look at your lips if she’s into you.

Also watch for her smiling and laughing with you. She does that when she’s flirting back.

She’s Into You – Sign #5: Things she does for you…and for you only

A woman who likes you will want to try to help you out. Try asking the woman you’re interested in for help and see what she does.


One of the best things is if you’re in a bar, go over and ask her what she’s drinking and if it’s good. Even better if it’s a wine bar. She will go out of her way to give you information if she’s interested.

There you go… 5 quick and easy signals you can spot easily with most any woman.

Just don’t get in the habit of looking for signals so that you can avoid that phantom spectre called “rejection.”

The Alpha Man – or the Bad Boy – goes in and MAKES her interested.

If you want to know how he does it, just go here…

Stay Alpha…

– Carlos Xuma

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