Pick Up Women

It seems the first step in learning how to pick up women is to take a look at yourself and becoming the man you want to be. It lays the groundwork for everything else you want to do in life. The guys who take the time to do this are going to be ahead of the game. Let’s assume you are one of them and let’s talk about your next step.

You’ve learned how to approach women, how to talk to them, and even how to flirt. You might even have a few magic tricks up your sleeve and you definitely have worked on increasing your self-confidence. You even know how to read body language so you can tell if a woman is interested or not.

Pickup WomenIt has taken some time and effort, but you are happy with your life and ready to invite some hot women into it. You have worked on being the best man you can be and now you want to share yourself with someone.

Or you just want to know how to seduce a woman…

(It’s okay! They want to be seduced, too!)

You’re ready.

Your next step is to get out there and pick up women.

You are prepared to meet enough women so you can have a different date every night or you are ready to look for the woman you want to make your wife. So what next?

The first thing you should consider if you are going to try to pick up women is location. Just where are you going to find women to pick up? Here is a list of my favorite places to meet women:

  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Professional Sports Game
  • Park
  • Coffee shop
  • Church
  • Gym
  • Subway or Train
  • Food Market
  • Laundromat
  • Restaurant
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Clothing Store/Mall
  • Beach
  • Walking/Walking Dog/Jogging
  • Class/School
  • Festivals/Fairs
  • Music Store
  • Rock Concert
  • Parties/Friend’s House
  • Dance Club
  • Bar

Did you notice, that the LAST two I mention are the two traditional spots? There are so many other better places to pick up women than in those environments.

Once you’ve left your comfy couch and are out there in the places where you actually have a chance of meeting amazing women, what do you do when you see someone you are interested in? If you want to pick up women, you are going to have to leave at least a little bit of your shyness at home.

When you do see an amazing or interesting woman, I want you to find something to say that fits the context of your location. For instance, if you are at the bookstore, you could ask if she’s read or heard anything about the book you are holding. Or you could tell her you really need a good book to read and what is the last great book she read and would recommend.

If you are at a clothing store, you could ask her opinion, there as well. At the museum, you could just make a general comment about what you are viewing. All of these locations – outside of the club and bar, give you great opportunities to strike up a conversation, which is an easy way to pick up women.

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