Picking Up Women | Become A Master With These 5 Tips

Picking Up Women- Become A Master With These 5 Tips

The art of picking up women is one that can be learnt easily, yet most men are clueless about the right techniques of the game. You don’t need a magic potion to pick up women anytime. All you need to do is learn the basic rules, practice them, build on your experience and become a master in the art. Do you want to master the art of picking up women? Then let’s get started with the basics.Picking Up Women

Picking Up Women Tip 1:

The Place– This first basic rule may sound quite strange to most men, but it’s probably why many would-be masters of the game don’t get it right at the onset. Avoid approaching women in places like night clubs and bars where the competition is high and the intents could be obvious from the start. Instead, make your attempts at less competitive places like coffee houses, parks, bookstores, boutiques etc. You’ll be surprised at how increasingly successful you’ll become at picking up women.

Picking Up Women Tip 2:


The first impression- Ones you get to the venue look around quickly to see if there’s someone you like. Find a seat around her, greet politely with a mild smile as you take your seat or position around her. Start out in a business-like manner like asking for your coffee in a coffee shop for instance. By the way, you also want to be sure you dress and smell nice. You definitely don’t want to ruin your chance at successfully picking up women with a bad first impression. Do you?

Picking Up Women Tip 3:


Build up trust- One of the biggest secrets to picking up women is to try to build up trust as quickly as possible. Before you start out a conversation or approach get her to have a feeling of trust from you, and you can be sure she’ll extend the same to you. If you meet her at a coffee shop for instance, you could tell her to watch your sit and coffee for you while you use the restroom. Appreciate her kindness on your return and this would make her more approachable, and a conversation can easily develop from this point.


Picking Up Women Tip 4:


Start the conversation- This is the point where you get into the mainstream of action in your attempt at picking up women. After all, isn’t it all about conversation? So you open in a natural, friendly, comfortable and relaxed way. Talk about something connected to the place of meeting, like the taste of the coffee, the settings of the place, their services etc. Close the conversation once you connect with her and are able to find a reason to see her again. For instance something you can do together. This should be a reason to get her number or contact.

Picking Up Women Tip 5:


Take your leave in style- Give an excuse like being late for an appointment to take your leave. Make it look like you had to sacrifice a few minutes in your conversation with her. This would leave her with the feeling that you value her company but you’re not an idle needy person yourself. It would increase her desire to see you again as well as wanting more of you.

There you have it; five nice steps to picking up women. Learn them and put them to practice, and you’ll become a master in the art of picking up women in no time. Go ahead, enjoy your experience!

-Carlos Xuma


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