Attract Women With Foreplay Step 4


Self-Directed Foreplay: Benefits: Prepares the mind for sex, builds anticipation and desire, and increases the chance for orgasm.

A woman wants to control this type of foreplay. When you want to attract women find out does she like to take a long bath, light candles, or get dressed up in sexy lingerie before making love? Many women do this for their men, but some do it for themselves, this helps them to get in the right frame of mind for some great lovemaking.

Attract Women With Foreplay (step four)It’s foreplay for herself. If your lady does this, then give her the time she needs to perform her pre-sex rituals. Don’t rush her, don’t complain, and don’t ask what’s taking so long. This will help ensure that she is in the right mindset for a sexy encounter.

If you are looking to empower and attract women this form of foreplay can be helpful to you. When a woman is a little intimidated by wearing lingerie or very conservative with her body, she may even hate her body, as some women do, encourage her to try these things out and don’t become discouraged yourself if she says no.

Keep up the encouragement but not the pressure. You should never try and force anyone to do anything it will backfire. She needs time to get in the mood, and be gently guided and lead to this form of foreplay if she is inhibited as a woman.

One way you can encourage her to try these things out is to find out her size, ask for help in selecting lingerie for a woman, sales people can be helpful here. You must think outfits not individual pieces here she will feel cheap if you don’t go all the way (think of beautifying her torso, legs, and arms.) Buy it for her and give it as a gift, and don’t expect anything in return. (She’ll sense the desperation)

Keep it unconditional, she’ll pay you back through the Law of reciprocation, if you have been doing the other forms of foreplay. She’ll subconsciously feel obligated in a good way.

Another way to attract women this way is by using her sense of smell, which is more acute than a man’s. Women love being pampered and if she has been a good girl then why not, make her feel like a woman by picking up some spa products for her to use in the bath, don’t have a tub, that’s ok there are products that can be used in the shower as well. Scented candles can actually create a calming mood for a woman; it is a well documented fact that lighting and scents can transform environments, if you’ve ever been to a casino you will notice this in action.

The scent of Vanilla is actually a calming scent to women as well as Sandalwood. The smell of citrus actually raises the senses and may make a woman feel more invigorated and energetic it all depends on the mood you want her in.

Life is a journey, and positive experiences matter to women, she says it’s the little things, and everything is a little thing to a woman and these things compound over time, this can be leveraged in your favor if you play your cards right.

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