Building Confidence, Employ These Powerful Tips

Building Confidence? Employ these Powerful Tips

Building confidence is not optional for men who want to succeed in anything in life; especially with women. Confidence is that feeling of invincibility and being unstoppable as against being scared. The way you see yourself tell so much on how others see you. Self confidence makes you look regal, attractive and matured. So, how do you acquire such a powerful trait? There are two sides to confidence building: The internal first, then the external.Building Confidence

Building Confidence Tips from Within:

  • Accept yourself: First and foremost you must accept yourself. If you don’t accept you are unique and perfect for whom you are, nobody will. Such feeling of lack of self esteem will make you loose confidence with women.
  • Dump your fear: Why do you get afraid of failure even before you try? See, even if you get rejected by that beautiful blonde after a session of stammering, is it a death sentence? No! So tell it to yourself loud and clear; THERE’S NOTHING TO FEAR.
  • Get Motivated: This is very important in building confidence. Listen to motivational speakers if you can lay hands on their recorded speeches. Even if you can’t, just highlight your strengths and goals and recite them to your self quietly or aloud.
  • Believe in yourself: This may not happen overnight, but if you keep motivating yourself you’ll get there, after all “faith comes by hearing”. Believe you can achieve whatever you desire with any woman and you will. I CAN’T STOP I CAN.
  • Develop yourself: Proper preparation prevents poor performance. If you take time out to learn how to do things better, especially with women, it would greatly boost your confidence. As a matter of fact, confidence building becomes seem less if you make a habit of learning.


Building Confidence Tips on the outward:

  • Your image: Your looks go a long way in presenting you as confident or not before women. First, you want to dress in a way that makes you feel proud of yourself, work on your smiles and charms, present an upright posture with your head lifted and your shoulder not drooping. And don’t forget to maintain good eye contact too
  • Work out: Daily workout would not only make you look fit and feel healthy, but would also make you feel confident, strong and attractive to women. So, it would help in building confidence if you can carry out exercise daily even for 30min a day.
  • Speak out: Do you know that one of the things that portray self confidence is the way you address that women? Even if you can’t score ten percent in that area right now, you can develop it by starting to speak out among your friends and colleagues. Start slow with “good morning” and improve. The more you speak the more confident and comfortable you’ll become with it.
  • The success factor: This is the icing on the cake when it comes to building confidence. Success in an area has a way of motivating you and making you more confident. You’ll easily develop confidence with women (or any other endeavor) if you start with the simpler tasks and increase your goals as you succeed. For instance you want to start by approaching a woman you’re relatively acquainted with before jumping into night clubs and parties.

So, work with these tips and build your confidence rapidly. Nothing works except you make it work. You’ll soon be dazed to discover that building confidence is not a rocket science or a special gift.

-Carlos Xuma

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