Pick Up Artist Technique

It seems like many pick up artists were born with the ability to confidently approach women, but most of them have learned a variety of skills and pick up artist technique that make their successes appear so effortless.

And that’s part of what makes each pick up artist skills so impressive – picking up women to them is effortless. They’ve laid the groundwork, they’ve learned some techniques, follow some basic rules, and know what women want.

I want to share a few tricks on just how they do this:

Pick Up Artist Technique:

1. The Three Second Rule. This dictates that from the moment you have a chance to meet a woman, you have to take action within three seconds. The theory behind this is that after that amount of time, if you don’t take action, your mind will sabotage you and your chances to be confident. If you take longer than three seconds, your negative self-talk will kick in and paralyze you.

By taking action within three seconds, you effectively stomp out that negative voice, that inner monologue and start to feel better about yourself and even less anxious about your near misses and failures.

Without stopping your negative voice immediately, you allow it to start you on a downward spiral comprised of obsession and loss of self-control.

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2. Knock Down Your Own Comfort Zone. An important technique is to break through this zone that you have created for yourself that makes you feel safe and secure as a baby. This little cocoon only gives you the illusion of stability and safety.

It is natural to have this feeling, which you first had as an infant in your crib and then grew to include your childhood bedroom. After that, this comfort zone expanded into your home and then out to the neighborhood and so on.

Your comfort zone is not just physical, either. It is psychological. It involves monitoring the way you act and your behaviors to keep you safe and reduce risk. People don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize this feeling.

Did you know that this safe and secure zone could be affected greatly by one simple word that we fear when we ask for something? The word “No” has such great impact on us and our desires and wants.

3. Face Rejection Fears. The reason the word “no” shatters our comfort zone so easily is that we equate it with rejection. Remember when you were a kid? Being told no didn’t stop you for a second. You might want a new Power Ranger and your mom said no, but that didn’t stop you from continuing to ask and think up new, ingenuous ways to get your way.

The secret to overcoming this fear of rejection and this horror of being told “no” is to realize that we don’t have to be emotionally attached to rejection. To understand and acknowledge that no, does not mean we are bad people. We need to accept that no does not equal a verdict on us.

This is just one pick up artist technique that really touches on the most important part of learning to pick up women. It’s all about concentrating on boosting your self esteem and caring less what people think about you and more about what you think of yourself. If you can do this, you are bound to find success.

~Carlos Xuma~

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