Pick Up Women | Secrets When Using Pick Up Lines

Pick Up Women

Guys have been trying pick up lines on girls for years. But do they really work? It seems that using a pick up line is really more of a joke than something that actually works to attract women.

For instance, who hasn’t heard this old one: “If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?”
Pick Up Women: Secrets When Using Pick Up Lines

Well that one is funny because it’s a play on words, so it’s a bit clever, but might result in a slap in the face.

And then there are ones that are just gross: “If you were a booger, I’d pickyou first.” Or cheesy, “If you were a new sandwich at McDonalds you’d be called the McGorgeous.”

All of these are a bit funny – mainly to the guys who talk about them. But here’s a little secret that should be obvious – most girls do not think they are funny. These pick up lines really come across as not-so-funny jokes.

The question is: are there any pick up lines that actually pick up women?

Yes, but they might not be what you would think. Here is some insight in to how to pick up women using pick up lines:

It doesn’t matter what you say when you try to pick up women. What really matters is what you say to her next. What matters is what you say to her after she responds to your pick up line.

For instance, you might walk up and say, “I saw you across the room, and you are just so beautiful I just had to come say hello.”

And she says. “Thank you, that is so nice.” Then she smiles at you. And waits for what you are going to say next.

Here’s your two-minute warning. Here’s where it all matters in trying to pick up women.

This is where she is going to judge you on your confidence level and whether you are worth more of her time and attention.

This is where you have to have your wits about you and come up with something interesting to say in response. Anyone can memorize a pick up line but not everyone can think on their feet and respond in real time.

She’s already wondering why you are talking to her and she figures you either are just being friendly or that you are interested in her. You want her to be happy you are interested in her by coming across as relaxed, confident and not needy.

To come across as not needy, you shouldn’t seem like you are there to get something: her phone number, sex, a date, etc. Instead, you want to come across that you are just there to have fun.

Now, I’m going to share with you a surefire technique to pick up women that you can use anytime.

It’s easy and can be used anywhere. Walk up to the woman and ask for the time. Then when she gives it to you, respond by telling her that you actually already knew the time, but you just wanted an excuse to flirt with her.

Nine times out of ten, you will get a smile and a laugh.

After that, the ice is broken and you can just strike up a conversation based on the situation. For instance, you can ask what brings her out there today or how she and her friends know each other and so on.

This is a great way to pick up women – without coming off like a bad comedian.

There you have it,now you know how to pick up women.

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