How To Talk To Women Without Freezing Up

How To Talk To Women

One of the toughest things to learn is how to be comfortable and at ease while you are in a conversation with a girl. You can memorize routines and openers, conversational bridges, and even great stories to tell women, but then face-to-face? BAM. You freeze up.

You get so nervous you forget any of the stuff you memorized about how to talk to women.
How To Talk To Women Without Freezing Up

You knew it cold when you left the house and then WHAM, you totally lost it right when you needed it. So, you’re stuck standing there like a deer in the headlights without any idea what to say.


A few beats pass and finally she is walking away saying over her shoulder, “Uh, nice meeting you, I’m going to go find my friends.”

Then, when it is too late (of course), you think of the perfect thing to say.
Argh. Too little, too late.

Here’s a little secret on how to conquer this and talk to women easily every time.

It might seem a little wacky, but trust me it works like a charm if you follow these three steps:

How To Talk To Women STEP 1: Arm Yourself With a Conversational Bridge

You do this ahead of time by thinking up a topic or area of interest you want to steer your conversation toward.

For instance, if your passion is photography and you want to create a conversational bridge to talk about this subject, you can say something, such as, “You would be a great photographic subject. Have you thought of posing for a sitting?”

Look at how this contrasts with a cheesy pick up line, such as “You’re so pretty, have you thought of modeling?”

See the difference?

You’ve been able to effectively bring up something interesting about you (your interests) into the conversation without bragging and without sounding corny or plying her with compliments.

So, arm yourself with a few ways to bridge that conversation and bring it around to something that is interesting to you and makes you interesting to her.

How To Talk To Women STEP 2: Stimulate your Senses

This means using the sense of vision, smell, hearing, taste and touch to help you remember things. For instance, if you want to remember your conversational bridge, don’t only write it down, but also read it out loud.

You can also write down questions you might ask a girl or a list of topics you might want to introduce to the conversation. Then say them out loud.

How To Talk To Women STEP 3: Situational Rehearsal

What this means is taking advantage of how your brain works by increasing your ability to retain and recall information.

Here’s how it works:

Then, after you come up with a list of topics to introduce to the conversation or your conversational bridge, practice remembering them in different places and different circumstances.

For instance, recite the words or topics while you are eating breakfast, while you are showering, while you are driving to work or while you are taking a walk.

You can also call your voicemail and leave it as a message. Recite the words while watching television.

If you want to practice in public, put on your cell phone headset or earpiece and say it to yourself. It will look like you are talking on the phone and will help you become even more comfortable saying it in public and to a woman.

The more places and more often you rehearse, the more natural and easy it will be when you do it in front of a woman.

This technique commits the words into your memory and helps you to recall them when necessary.

Now that’s how to talk to women

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