How To Talk To Girls

If you want a woman to be attracted to you, she must trust and respect you. You can demonstrate these behaviors when you learn how to talk to girls.

You need to treat her respect and she needs to respect you.

Here’s something that is a little unnerving, but worth keeping in mind: once respect for a person is lost, it is nearly impossible to regain it. So make sure everything you do, your actions and your words are building attraction, respect, and trust, not demolishing it:

How To Talk To Girls Tips:

1.  Avoid Clingy and Needy Behavior. The heart of this behavior is insecurity and it is obvious to everyone but you. Being an insecure wimp who smothers her is a major turn off. Don’t call her all the time. Don’t act jealous. Don’t threaten her independence or freedom or she’ll skedaddle. Think about this when you learn how to talk to women.

2.  Try Hard. Don’t be overzealous or too eager. This will make her suspicious and back off.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
3.  Braggart or Big Mouth. Bragging about how cool you are actually has the opposite effect than intended. You are less cool. Dangle little bits of information a piece at a time and keep some things about you mysterious. Remember this when you are thinking about talking to women.

4.  Temper. Don’t have a violent temper or trigger anger response. You must learn self-discipline and be able to control your emotions. Women don’t trust men with short fuses.

5.  Insensitive. Know where to draw the line between gentle teasing and being a jerk and insulting her. This is very important to remember in communicating with girls.

6.  Boring. Nobody is truly boring. What this means is letting your shyness overtake you so that you are afraid to show your true personality.

7.  Bossy and Pushy. Don’t try to get your way by coercion, manipulation, or even whining. Sure, it might work to get laid one time, but it will be a one-night stand. And the result will not be fulfilling in the least.

8.  Passive/Wishy Washy. Be a leader. Be decisive and dominant. Show you are an alpha male and can be caring and protective and a provider.

9.  Bad listener. Demonstrate you can listen to her and pay attention to what she is saying. When you are learning how to make a conversation with girls, remember that a good conversationalist is the one who is the good listener.

10.  Being a pig or a jerk. Some men foolishly believe if they act coarse, women will flock to them. Nope. Exactly the opposite will happen.

11.  Being Too Obvious About Getting Laid. Everyone knows that men want sex. Don’t be so blatant about it. Be subtle and let her wonder.

12.  Acting Impatient. Don’t be too eager. It demonstrates a lack of self-control and self-discipline

13.  Being Too Defensive. Have a sense of humor. Don’t react so strongly to a woman’s moods and behaviors. Have the ability to control your emotions and reactions.

14.  Being Negative. This is just flat out a turn off to anyone. Think about what you say and how to talk to women in a way that conveys positivity.

15.  Being a leech. Show you aren’t stingy or cheap, but can be a provider. That doesn’t mean paying for everything all the time, but you can show you are a provider.

These are some things you should not do so you can learn fast on how to talk to girls.

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