Understanding What Women Say

Potential traps to thwart your plans with women lie everywhere you tread. The only way to truly avoid ruining your chances with a woman during one of your first meetings is understanding what women say and want.  Sometime they say one thing and want another. That’s just human nature. Here are some errors you need to avoid during those first dates to make sure it goes smoothly.

It all boils down to knowing what women want:

Understanding What Women Say Tips:

1. Don’t Talk Too Much. This especially applies to talking too much about yourself. That means bragging and boasting about your achievement and endeavors. A good rule of thumb to help you remember not to do this is to make sure that the majority of the conversation (say 70 percent) is focused on her.

2. Try too hard. You might splurge on a super fancy restaurant or try to impress her with flowers, perfume, or other gifts. Make sure it doesn’t look like you are trying to buy her affection. It only makes you look like you lack self-discipline and self-confidence.

3. Overindulge with Alcohol. It’s okay to meet for a drink at a bar, but have restraint and only have one or two drinks at the most. Limiting your consumption to one or two alcoholic beverages is enough to loosen you up a bit, take the edge off, but keep you on your toes still.

4. Talk About The Future. Don’t talk about all the places you want to take her on your next date or all the things you want to show her down the road. Keep it mysterious and mum. Even when you kiss her goodnight, leave her wondering. Tell her you had a great time and then walk away. Trust me, this will intrigue her. She’ll be beside herself wondering if you are going to ask her out again.

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This also includes going too fast. This is a big mistake most guys make, especially if they haven’t had sex for months. They blow it by trying to rush the woman along so they can get intimate. This screams poor self-discipline and is a turn off to women. Don’t go too slow, either. Get a kiss in on that first date.

5. Being Uptight. Relax. Otherwise, you will be a major turn off if you act manic, hyper, or uneasy. Do whatever it takes to unwind before your date, such as working out or listening to your favorite music. Get those feel-good endorphins flowing before you get together. It will improve your confidence level, as well.

Being uptight includes being too needy. Back off and don’t be clingy. Show her you are having a good time with or without her around. That means avoid dragging the date out too long, as well. When things are going great, that’s the time to end the date: on a high note.

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