How To Get Women

The number one rule I preach when it comes to kissing is you must move in for a kiss at the end of your first real “date.” In how to get women I will teach you how to touch the first base.

I’m not talking about that brief get together at the coffee shop. I’m talking about the first time the two of you spend alone time for several hours. It is crystal clear during this time that you are not two friends just killing time together. It is obvious that it is not a platonic get together.

In that situation, you absolutely, positively have to go in for the kiss at the end.

If you want to be an expert in getting a women, you’ll understand that there are two important reasons why you must do this:

How To Get Women Tips:

1. You can’t afford to waste time figuring out if she is really into you or not. If she’s not then you are wasting your money, time, and energy. Some women like to date as a hobby – to get free meals, to have something to do, to hang out with a guy until they find the one they are really interested in. Don’t be that schmuck.

If she’s attracted to you at all, she’ll want to kiss you. If not, it’s time to move on. Remember when you are thinking about how to get women this simple fact; there are millions of women out there for you to date. Don’t waste your time on one who is not interested in you. Kiss her right away to make that determination – whether you should stick around or move along.

2. The second crucial reason to move in for the kiss is to make sure there is absolutely positively no way you are going to get thrust into the dreaded “Friend Zone.” In your journey to become an expert in having  a girlfriend, you need to learn all the techniques and tips to avoid the Friend Zone as soon as possible.

You aren’t out on a date to make a new Best Friend Forever. You want a woman you can have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with. You need to let her know right away you are interested in her in this way. There is no shame of being a sexual being.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Here’s another little technique you must learn in your quest to learn how to get the girl of your dreams: You should know by the time you are moving in for the kiss whether she will respond. If you are uncertain, then you haven’t been paying attention. It shouldn’t surprise you how she reacts. You should have been testing her interest during the entire date. Here are two simple tests you should do during the date to determine how she is going to react to your kiss.

There are two tests I share when I talk about getting a girlfriend that should let you know how she will respond to a kiss.

How To Get Women Tests:

1. The first is the Hair Test. Compliment her on her hair and then slowly touch it with your fingers. How does she react? Does she lean toward you or pull away? If she seems reluctant to have you touch her hair, that means you need to continue trying to spark her attraction to you. Turn up the charm.

2. The second test is the Lean In. Find a good excuse to get right into her personal space, either by leaning in or standing close to her. Again, watch for her reaction. Is she a bit standoffish or is she waiting to see what you do next? If she draws away, you need may need to do more work to get her attracted or she might be a lost cause.

If all signs are go, then go for that kiss at the end of the date. These are some tips on how to get women.

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