Dating Tips For Guys

Dating tips for guys will show you gold at the end of the rainbow for most guys out looking to pick up women is the arrangement of a date or time to hang out.

Although it seems like the biggest obstacle has been scaled, sometimes a guy will blow it right then and there, by how they react to a woman agreeing to get together with them.

Here are some things to avoid:

Dating Tips for Guys:

1. After she agrees to meet with you, don’t say much. Don’t spew about how happy you are she agreed and how you are super excited about seeing her again, and so on. Instead, keep it a little bit formal and say something like this:
“That sounds good. See you Wednesday at 6 at Barnes  & Noble.”

2. Set the bar. After you confirm the time and location say, “I hope you’re not one of those girls who would set up a meeting and then flake? One of my pet peeves is people who are late or flake out.”

This does a few different things. It gives her a chance to defend herself that she isn’t that type of girl and it also gives her something to live up to. You’ve set the bar for how you expect women to act toward you and chances are high that she will want to live up to this identity you have created – someone who is reliable and punctual.

In addition, you’ve drawn the line and shown that there is certain behavior you find distasteful and will not tolerate. You have expectations, they are reasonable, and it is her job to live up to them. That just screams self-confidence on your part.

3. Once you’ve done this, hang up. Attraction between two people is not created over the phone. It takes place in person. You’ve set the time and date, let her know your expectations, and got off the phone. Leaving a bit of mystery about yourself (versus blabbing all your secrets all night on the phone) will help build attraction.

4. When arranging your first date or meeting, the most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. A half hour meeting at a coffee shop or bookstore works great.

Whatever you do, avoid a big dinner and movie date where you show up with flowers. You will look desperate, not romantic.

Look at that first date as an opportunity for you to screen another candidate for a job – the job of the girl you want to date. Plus you learn more on inexpensive dates, such as whether she is high-maintenance and/or just out for a man to spend money on her.

5. Meet at a coffee shop for a half hour time period. Have somewhere to go after. If the date is going well, then you can always extend it to longer.

On the day of the date, show up early; bring a book or magazine and chill. If she hasn’t yet arrived five minutes after your arranged meeting time, go ahead and order a cup of coffee or tea by yourself. When she arrives, ask what she wants, order and pay.

If she is late, wait no longer than 15 minutes before you leave. Don’t wait around. Go home or to your next meeting. At this point it’s up to you to decide if you will give her a chance to explain or if it’s time to move on. But when you make your decision don’t forget there are millions of women out there for you to date. These are some dating tips for guys.

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