Dating Advice for Men

Dating Advice for Men

Nobody wants to date a guy who is a flake or a slob or a player.

Dating Advice for MenHere is some dating advice for men on how to avoid those labels and help your date go smoothly and hopefully make your dating life more satisfying.

Dating Advice for Men: Be Punctual

I have female friends who tell me that they have actually written a guy off on the simple basis that he was late. Either he was late to meet them, to pick them up, or even to call them. This is a piece of dating advice for men I feel obligated to share.

One woman friend told me this story: a guy told her he would call her when he got off work at 5 so they could make plans to go out that night. He didn’t call at 5. By 5:15, she was gone, out of her apartment and on the way to a friend’s house. She figures she gave him a 15-minute window in case something had come up. He called at 5:30. She didn’t answer the phone. He called at 6. She ignored it. Finally, at 6:30 he left a message. She didn’t care what he said on the message. Listen to the dating advice for men she shared with me:

“If he can’t call me on time the very first time we have plans, I move on,” she told me. “I am not going to get involved with someone who might end up as my boyfriend who can’t be on time.”

Dating Advice For Men: Don’t Flirt

Here’s another tidbit of dating advice for men: I don’t care if you see amazingly hot women who are grabbing your crotch at the bar where you take your date – ignore them. Under no circumstances should you flirt or even glance at other women while you are on a date. This could be another deal breaker that could lose you the attention and affection of a woman.

Don’t answer calls from other women while you are on your date. I don’t care if you want to take 20 women at once – more power to you – but when you are on a date with one of the women, you need to devote your attention exclusively to her and her alone.

Dating Advice For Men: Look Good

Another piece of dating advice for men involves your appearance. Anytime you go out on a date, you better look good. Even if it means running home for a few minutes to take a shower after playing a basketball game, do it. You want to be well groomed and clean on any date. You don’t want to throw on some smelly old sweatshirt. Make sure you have at least one pair of jeans and a shirt that flatter your body and look great on you. Invest in some quality clothes and consider some cologne, as well.

Keep yourself clean and shaved, unless your look involves a stubbly chin. Keep your shoes polished and your hair clean and cut. Nothing is less attractive than foul body odor and greasy hair. It only takes a little bit of time and effort to show you care enough to look your best on a date.

This dating advice for men shows women that you are someone worth spending time with. Women want a guy who shows that they have respect for her and respect for themselves.

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