How to Get a Girlfriend, Without Complexity in Just 3 Steps

How to get a girlfriend?

Some guys don’t plan on WHEN they will get a girlfriend, it just happens.  Women are more likely to have intent of wanting to settle down faster than the guy may want.  Women are more likely to want a steady, monogamous relationship than just casually dating.   Every guy is different, but they are basically similar in different ways.

How To Get A Girlfriend

Some guys may be content with playing the field and getting to know different women.  Their intent may be to start by casually dating with no strings-attached while dating several women.  Guys don’t plan on having a girlfriend until they actually have it.  Although some guys may date hoping to find the right girl for them.

With some guys, it is NOT about focusing on getting a girlfriend, but to focus on the sparks that fly initially.  Eventually he may want a steady girlfriend after dating a while.

How to Get a Girlfriend? – Without Complexity in Just 3-Steps, so she will be interested in pursing a relationship with you.

How to Get a Girlfriend? – Step 1: “Whether looking or not, look and act presentable anyway.”

Whether looking to get a girlfriend or not, it is a good idea to look presentable when meeting women having a good, positive attitude with some personality.  Women look for men who act like men, and who are not boring. How you look and how you act will make a difference whether or not she wants to pursue a second date.

Looks may or may not be important to either one of you, but how you dress and act will matter.  If she initially gets a wrong impression of you, she won’t want to purse anything with you.

You want to watch your language and not be crude or rude, you will lose her fast.  You definitely want to look and act presentable; you will keep her curious and wanting more of you.

If you are wondering how to get a girlfriend, you certainly don’t want to blow it by not be presentable whether they way you look or the way you act.

How to Get a Girlfriend? – Step 2: “Keep being interested, so she knows it.”

When meeting or dating any woman, make sure she is the only one you see and hear.  You want to maintain eye contact and not have wandering eyes.  You want to make sure before meeting any woman, you have your mobile phone on vibrate.  If it vibrates or you get a text, ignore it.

When conversing with her, you want to make sure the conversation keeps flowing back and forth showing you are interested in her.  If the conversation is boring and her eyes start to wander, you may want to quickly make changes or you may lose her.

When you are interested in a girl and have seen her more than a couple of times; you may want to send her an occasional text message at least once or twice a day.  It is important to send an occasional message to make her smile, and she will know you are interested in her.

After dating someone, you should call her no more than two days later.  You don’t want to call right after the date or even call the next day because you don’t want to look like you are desperate.

Remember, if you keep showing interest in her so she knows it; she will likely continue to be interested in you just by doing simple little things.

Wanting to get a girlfriend means keeping her interested in you so she will want to continue to be with you.

How to Get a Girlfriend? – Step 3: “Keep her wanting more.”

Women love lots of attention.  The more attention you give her; the more she will want you.  Women are very passionate and appreciate emotional and physical contact by you.  Just by showing her simple things; it will keep her wanting more from you.

You can give her attention by looking into her eyes and keeping eye contact especially while talking.  Eye contact is important.  It will show you are interested and you care.  She can sense if you are interested or not.  Then, by showing eye contact she will continue being interested in you.

Holding hands or putting your arm around her is another way of showing you are interested.  If you initiate it; she will appreciate it.  Just by having physical contact whether holding hands or putting your arm around her; it will give her the feeling of comfort and closeness.

How to get a girlfriend is about doing simple little things; so she will notice and appreciate you and want to be your girlfriend.  Women like connecting with her mate.  There is a lot to be told by the physical and the emotional contact she will get from you.  If you want to keep her interested, connected to you and wanting more; you will end up getting what you want down the road.

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