Dating Tips for Guys | What to do in 3 Key Steps

When dating women, it might be a bit complicated to understand how to approach a woman and what to say.  You will not know what they want from a guy until you start talking.  Not knowing what she may want in the beginning is fine because you will find out what she wants eventually.

So read on and understand these dating tips for guys.

Dating Tips for Guys

There are simple things you can do when dating.  The simple things you do that apply to most women will get your foot into the door.  Being mutually attracted to each other, liking each other’s personalities and being yourself during dating will increase your chances of a successful date.

Dating Tips for Guys – What to do in 3 key steps to increase your chances of a second date.


Dating Tips for Guys – Key Step 1: “Attraction.”

It is obvious when starting to date, there has to be mutual attraction for a possible connection.  It doesn’t mean both people have to be attractive to be attracted to each other.  Basically, being drawn to someone based on the initial appearance of what is initially seen.

What you initially see might be how the person presents themselves or how they act around other people.  Men are usually attracted to a woman’s looks before anything else.  If she is attractive and appears to have personality, he will probably approach her.

By how she looks and acts, will give you an indication if you might be interested in her.  Women usually look for the same thing initially.  Attraction is the first step before making contact.

Dating Tips for Guys – Key Step 2: “Personality.”

You can get an idea about a woman’s personality is just by watching how she interacts with others.  It can give you a good indication beforehand if she possibly is someone you might be interested in.

When approaching a woman that looks interesting; hopefully you bring your personality along with you.  You may have an idea about her personality.  She may not have seen you before, so making a good first impression is important.

You want to have a personality that appears to be interesting or she won’t be interested in you at all.  You don’t want to monopolize the conversation or appear like you are conceded.  Otherwise, the conversation will be over before it even gets started.

After there is mutual attraction between both of you, there needs to be enough personality between both to make the conversation flow smoothly.

Dating Tips for Guys – Key Step 3: “Be You and Honest.”

Being YOU is very important when dating.  If you don’t act yourself initially; you may be in for a big surprise.  After several dates with the same woman without being yourself; it will not look really good for a possible future with her.  She may think you are not real and may think you are a liar.

It is important to be upfront and honest while being yourself.  Women know men are not always upfront and honest initially.  They may not think about the future or even worry about it as they may not be able to see past the first date until it is already the second date.

If you want to pursue a relationship with a woman; it is important you show yourself honestly.  If you have secrets that can affect a relationship, it is best to have them out on the table to avoid hurting her.

You do not want to mislead a woman for your own benefit.  If you are not honest with what you want initially; you may hurt her.  Be who you are and have the right intentions before dating someone.  You would probably want her to be honest with her intentions as well so you are not misled either.

These are simple tips when meeting and dating women.  Being mutually attracted to someone is the first step in dating.  A woman’s personality and your personality if mutually desirable is the second step in dating.  The final step in dating is being you while being upfront and honest with her.  All three of these key steps combined will help increase your chances of having a successful date.

Of course, not every date will go as you may hope that is what dating is all about.  By following the same dating tips for guys when dating, it will help you find the one that is a better match for you.

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