How to Attract Women, AND be Successful!

How to Attract Women – AND be Successful!

Most guys have had the fear of attracting women at some point in their single life.  Guys are usually the ones who initiate the first move by showing interest in her and because of that, it can be stressful for them.How to Attract Women

There is a lot that runs through a guy’s mind before meeting a woman.  He may worry so much about what she is going to think about him that he ends up appearing nervous, lacking confidence.

How you act and how you present yourself is usually the kind of woman you will attract.  It is a good idea to know what you want out of a woman and what you want when meeting one whether a casual or serious type relationship.

How to Attract Women – AND be Successful, so you can get what you want.

How to Attract Women – Success TIP 1: “Don’t be Fake!”

When attracting a woman, you do not want to appear or even act fake.  You want to be sure you are completely honest without being arrogant.  If appearing fake, she will know you really are fake.

Keeping eye contact is a great way to tell whether or not someone being themselves.  If you have a hard time looking right at her and your eyes keep wandering around; she may suspect you are putting on a fake front.  It is not a way of how to attract women.

You want to appear honest and sincere when interested in her, in order for her to be even attracted to you.

How to Attract Women – Success TIP 2: “Look Presentable.”

You want to make sure you always look presentable when trying to attract women.  It is true, a lot can be told about someone based on how their appearance looks.

Not saying you should wear your best clothes when in public, but you should wear clothes that are presentable.  You don’t want to wear old clothes that have holes, ripped or stained.  It will tell her you really don’t care about yourself, and you probably won’t care about her either.

When trying to attract woman, it is best to go through your closet and make some changes whether getting rid of old stuff or going shopping.

Also, it is important to be groomed whether getting an up-to-date hair cut or making some minor changes.

How to Attract Women – Success TIP 3: “Be Irresistible.”


Wouldn’t it be easier if a woman would approach you instead of you approaching them?  Of course it would!  When you are irresistible, she will be attracted to you.

If you look presentable and smell good wearing soft, masculine smelling cologne that is seductive, your chances of being irresistible will be greater.  Women love men who wear tight fitting shirts or button down shirts exposing part of the neckline.  They also like men wearing jeans that are fitted enough to highlight the bottom half of their bodies.

Maybe while walking past someone you are interested in and you slightly brush up against her which would naturally make her look at you.  Make sure to smile and apologize for brushing up against her, she may think you are interested in her.  She may smile back and say it is alright.  She may peak some curiosity about you.

When she responds back to you in a positive way, it is a signal she is interested in you.  It would be a good idea for you or her to make the next move so you don’t lose what could have been.

Being irresistible by being smart with your actions will make her be drawn to you.

How to Attract Women – Success TIP 4: “Be a Man.”

Women like men who are tuned in by listening and sensing what she wants.  It really isn’t difficult to figure it out.  Women like men who are real men.  Women are attracted to men who are not afraid to show all sides of him in a respectable way.

Women like men who treat and give them respect.  When going in and out of doors, it is important to let her go first while you hold the door.  This is what she is probably thinking if she follows you and has to hold the door for her own self; she may get the impression that you have no idea how to treat women respectfully.

Women like men who can show their sensitive side and let emotions be shown and felt.  Real men do not need to act tough and lack in sensitivity.

Really, there is no set book or certain guidelines to follow to attract women.  To attract women successfully, all you would want to do is not be fake, look presentable, be irresistible and be a man.

Not every woman will respond the way you hope, but following these four steps will certainly put you ahead of everyone else when attracting women.

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