How to Talk to Women | 5 TIPS of What NOT to Do

How To Talk To Women

When first meeting a woman or wanting to approach a woman you are interested in; you may feel uncertain about how she may react once making contact.  You might start debating in your mind about what to say to her and how she will react to what you say.How to Talk to Women

It is important to be relaxed and also be confident with what you will want to say to her.  If you worry about her rejecting you than she will probably reject you.   You have nothing to lose by initially approaching her and trying to communicate with her.

You want to make sure you have it planned out what you want to say.  It is a good idea to think ahead before intending on meeting a woman.  You don’t want to stumble over your words, appear nervous or sound dumb.

How to Talk to Women – 5 TIPS of What NOT to Do, so you have a better chance of another meeting with her.


How to Talk to Women – TIP 1: “Don’t be Long-Winded.”

When first approaching a woman, you don’t want to talk too much and monopolize the entire conversation.  If the conversation is one-sided, you will bore her out of her mind.  The conversation should flow naturally between both of you.  Talking too much doesn’t leave her curious and wanting more from you.

There is no point in being long-winded anyway.  If you will be seeing her again, you want to have more to talk about with her the next time you meet.

Being long-winded can also mean you are nervous and lack in confidence.  She will pick it up right away and may not be listening to you at all because she has absolutely no interest at all.  It is too late and she won’t want anything more from you.

How to Talk to Women – TIP 2: “Don’t be Arrogant and Conceited.”


When talking to a woman, it is important you don’t revolve all the conversation around yourself.  Yes, learning about each other is important when initially meeting, but not where you are just talking about yourself.  Honestly, women get immediately turned off when a guy just talks about himself throughout the conversation.

If you only talk about yourself, she will not be interested in you at all.  She will probably think that you are arrogant and conceded right away.  Honestly, one who only talks about themselves probably won’t care about any woman.

You want to get to know her and actually have a mutual conversation.  She wants to learn about you, not be scared of you.

It is not attractive when someone is arrogant or conceited.  It is a major turn-off.  When meeting someone who is all about themselves, they will always be about themselves.

How to Talk to Women – TIP 3: “Just be Yourself.”

Sure, you can plan ahead the kinds of questions you will ask her, and plan what you will talk about during the conversation.  Most importantly, you want to be yourself.  You don’t want to act like someone else because being fake she will pick up on it and not be interested.

You may think she might not be interested in you if you act yourself, but actually if you don’t act yourself she will definitely not be interested in you at some point.  When she finds out, she will think you are not confident with yourself or she may think you are a liar.

You want to be yourself when talking to a woman.  Either she will like you for who you are or she won’t.  There are certainly plenty of women out there…

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