Flirt With Women

Men who are learning how to flirt with women sometimes concentrate all their efforts on what they should say and do instead of learning how to figure out if a girl is attracted and interested in them first.

There are three primary ways to judge a woman’s interest and determine when and where to seduce women.

1. How she acts.

2. What she says.

3. Her body language.

It is important to look at these three ways in the order I have them listed. For instance, her actions are much more important than what she says. Her body language is important after the other two.

 Flirt with Women Tips:

1. Watch what she does more than what she says. If her words don’t’ match up to her actions, then you can go ahead and ignore what comes out of her mouth. Here are signs of interest, or as we in the dating world like to say “IOI”s (indicators of interest):

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
* Touching you.

* Leaning toward you.

*Purposefully smelling your cologne

*Bringing you to a club or bar

*Striking up a conversation with you.

*Asking for your phone number before you ask

*Looking at you. Especially looking at your mouth.


2. Listen to what she has to say. Here are signs verbally that she is interested:

* Asking questions about you.

* Initiates conversation on sexual topics

* Describes you using sensual words

* Shares secrets with you


3. Look at her body language and see if it matches up to the message she is sending with her actions and words. Because body language can be subtle and can be ambiguous in it’s meaning, it needs to be combined with the other two indicators of interest for an accurate assessment.

Look for this evidence that she is interested:

  • Glances at you occasionally from a distance.
  • Looks at you occasionally with small sneaky glances at your lips and mouth.
  • Catches your eye and holds eye contact for several seconds without saying anything.
  • Looks at you, then glances down and away from you
  • Laughs at you and with you
  • Has more erect posture when you are around and seems more alert
  • Touches her hair or face or mouth or covers her mouth
  • Plays or adjusts her hair and clothing
  • Faces her body and limbs toward you
  • Dilated pupils
  • Has arms uncrossed and an open posture.

When you are learning to flirt with women, remember that the most important gauge of her interest is how she acts. She can say she likes you and is attracted to you, but if she isn’t acting the way a woman should be who is attracted then she is just playing games with your or being nice so she won’t hurt your feelings. Make sure if she says she likes you that her actions back it up. She needs to smile, talk to you, give you her phone number, and show attraction and interest or you are wasting your time.

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