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If you want to generate attraction and keep a girl interested enough in you to get a girlfriend you need to make a game plan and follow it. You need to immediately establish that you don’t place her on a pedestal by following my method of teasing to please.

The whole goal of teasing to please is establishing a level of trust between you quickly and generating attraction.

For instance, say you are in college and you meet a woman in the library. You might tease her by accusing her of ditching class or being late to class and then make some silly class up such as “Underwater Shoe Tying” or something. Make sure you always smile so she knows you are teasing and not being a jerk.

Here are some concrete specifics on what to do if you want to meet a woman and quickly build trust and attraction:

How to get a girlfriend Tips:

1. Show her right off the bat that you are different than all the other guys who approach her. Women quickly get used to the typical approach that most men use. In fact, the better looking they are, the more women realize that they hold all the cards.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
2. Make sure she knows that she isn’t going to be treated special just because she is attractive. Good-looking girls have had it easy their entire lives. Show her you won’t treat her any different than any other girl and that you have enough self confidence to tease her and not treat her like she is up on a pedestal. Show her that she has to prove herself to you just like any other girl.

3. Try to build trust from the first moment. Make efforts for her to overcome looking at you as if you are a stranger. If you establish a level of trust, she won’t view you as a stranger, but will trust you. One way to do this through the tease to please method is to act like she’s your friend’s bratty sister you’ve known your entire life.

4. Skip the small talk and go straight to the fun talk. You can do this through teasing to please. When you tease a woman, it is like a shortcut. You can cut out the small talk that some people use to build trust in a slow, methodical way. Teasing cuts right through that and engages her interest, attention, and trust much faster.

5. Be easy going. If you cut out the small talk and jump right into teasing, you are also showing you have a sense of humor, are lighthearted and easygoing. Women will want to trust you much quicker than they would trust a guy who is nervous or uptight. And the bonus part of teasing is you are actually challenging her to prove herself to you instead of the other way around.

These are some tips on how to get a girlfriend and how to get the woman of your dreams.

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