Talk To Women

Let’s face it, when you see a beautiful girl, the first thing you want to do is go strike up a conversation and then figure out how to get her phone number, make her your wife, or take her home with you for a fun night. That’s okay. That is a normal reaction. But somewhere along the lines, many guys become paralyzed with fear when it actually comes to how to talk to women. They are afraid that they are going to be rejected.

And many guys who do get the gumption to walk over to a woman and say, “Hi, how’s it going?” Usually sink the ship right there.

Talk To Women Strategies:

1. Think of something less lame to say to her when you first walk up. Start thinking. Come up with something that makes you stand out and seem different. Remember that beautiful women are approached constantly and even average looking women are approached all the time. Give her a reason to want you to keep talking.

2. Instead of saying “Hey, how’s it going” try something simple. Just walk over and ask her what time it is. The key with this is to do so without facing her. Make sure your body language is completely neutral so it doesn’t appear that you are hitting on her. If she answers you, then ask about her watch or her phone. Then immediately start giving her grief. Make fun of her watch, accusing her of wearing a fake Rolex she bought off some guy in a dark alley. Make sure you do it with a smile so she knows you are teasing, not being a jerk.

3. If she doesn’t give you the time for whatever reason, use her excuse to bust her balls right then. Say something such as, “You mean you can’t afford a watch. Sorry about that. I just inherited a billion dollars, maybe I can get you a job at my new estate.” Again, smile and let her know you are teasing. Both of these approaches are easy and work anywhere. If she acts bitchy, then tease her about that. The point is learning how to tease a girl to break through her defenses. This is especially crucial with the super hot girls who are constantly approached.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
4. Now this is going to sound counterintuitive based on what I just told you above, but here it is: Go ahead and use the “Hi, how’s it going?” line if you have thought long and hard about how to follow it up.

For instance, assume she’s going to say something boring, such as “fine” in response to you. Then you need to have a standard line to follow, such as “Cool, cause I can only spare about three minutes for you to impress me before my supermodel homies show up to take me out. Maybe you can just pretend you’re auditioning for The Bachelor and I’ll take notes.”

So, remember, it doesn’t matter what you say when you walk up to a girl, as long as you can continue the conversation in a witty and avoid those awkward silences. These are some strategies on how to talk to women.

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