How To Talk To Girls

How To Talk To Girls

Sometimes men and women will be having a conversation and neither one knows that the other means. It is a hazard that all men encounter. Sometimes a woman says one thing and means another. This is because women are complex and often what they say on the surface has deeper meaning.

And men sometimes are very literal and say something that has no deeper context or meeting.

To help you learn how to talk to girls effectively and successfully, I’m going to share with you some phrases you might hear from women and what they really mean. These three are a few bombshell questions she might drop on you and how you should respond:

How To Talk To Girls Questions:

1. Do you think I’m fat?

There are a few variations on this theme, but you’ll recognize it from a mile away. So, let’s look at some potential trouble spots you might run into if you are asked this question. Say she has gained a few pounds you might think this is a great time to let her know (she asked didn’t she?) but this is the wrong time to ask. She doesn’t really want your honest opinion and she doesn’t want to know if you think she needs to lose weight.

The reason she is asking this question is because she feels insecure and needs reassurance. She wants to know you still find her attractive and sexy.

Your response should be that she looks great and why is she asking. If you give her a little squeeze with your comment and let her know she is still attractive to you, then you can figure out what the real issue is.

2. Are you a player?

You immediately feel guilty, especially if you are not in a committed relationship with her and you feel that all men are dogs and you are one of them.

What she is really saying is that she’s attracted to you, but worried you are going to hurt her. It is all about her fears.

Your response should be humorous – you might say it’s a little slow this month; you’ve only gone out on forty dates. Use humor to deflect the question. The reason is that you can never answer it the right way. For instance, if you answer that you are a player, she won’t trust you, if you say you aren’t, then you haven’t proved your confidence in the face of her insecurity and she may even question whether other women find you desirable. Like the first question, ask at the end, “Why do you ask?”

3. I don’t want to get into a relationship.

You might make the mistake of thinking that she is saying this because she really doesn’t want a relationship, and in some cases, it is the truth. But wait to see if her actions back up her words. She may just be afraid of getting hurt and being defensive.

It is also a test that she wants to make sure you aren’t needy and can bide your time for her.

Your response should be slightly shocked that she is already talking about a relationship. Say you need to get to know her better before that is even a subject of conversation.

Well, now you have a little bit of ammunition about how to talk to girls and can answer in a way that is satisfying to both you and the woman you are dating.

-Carlos Xuma

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