Dating Advice For Men

Dating Advice For Men

She’s cute, fun, and best of all, likes you. What’s the problem? You ask yourself this. It’s very easy to get caught up in the momentum and excitement of new relationships and let some of your standards slip. It is easy to allow delusions to cloud your vision and prevent you from seeing the truth about the relationship or the girl.

I want to share some of my dating advice for men that will help you keep your attitude straight. If you see any of these red flags, or warning signs, take note:

Dating Advice for Men Red Flags

1. She makes a lot of excuses or you look for them. For instance, if you are asking her, “Why do you …” then you are making an excuse for her. For instance, you might ask her “Why do you not kiss me on the lips – or hold your hand in public – or pay attention to you in a large group?” Whatever it is, you are asking because you are looking for an excuse for behavior that you don’t like. She might come up with reasons that are plausible, but more likely they are going to be contrived or far-fetched excuses. She will try to justify this behavior, but ultimately it is up to you to figure out what those gestures and behaviors mean. You need to decide if she is really interested in you enough to meet the standards you have set. The answer might mean no and you should walk away.

2. You spend too much time obsessing about her. You might be constantly thinking about what she is doing, whom she is talking to, and whom she is with when she’s not around you. This type of madness is unhealthy and soul sucking. The cure is to get out there and meet other women. Even if you keep seeing her, spread yourself out a little.

3. You try to buy her affections. You try to convince her to like you or sleep with you based on bribes. This shows a startling lack of self-esteem that you think she’ll only have sex with you if you compensate her. Not to mention what you are saying about her integrity. The cure is quit acting like she is a hooker. If she likes to be treated like this, dump her and spend your money on a real prostitute or a woman who will be deserving of your attention.

4. She’s a flirt. She might be very young or very insecure, or both. You don’t need to waste your time on a woman who needs constant attention and reassurance. This is draining on you and will ultimately lead to a bigger issue.

Your cure for this is to determine whether she is a hopeless flirt or just trying to make you act jealous. Never show you are jealous or you’ve lost the game. However, put your foot down and tell her that the type of woman you want treats her man like he’s the only guy around. Period. It’s up to her to decide if she wants to be that type of woman. These are some dating advice for men.

-Carlos Xuma

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