How To Seduce A Woman

It may shock you but most women love dirty talk. But what you think is dirty talk might not be what she has in mind. There is a difference between talk that is erotic and turns her on and gutter talk in how to seduce a woman.

I don’t think many guys know the difference, but if you do, you can use it to make yours and her experience in the bedroom even better.

Here are some things to remember when you are thinking about how to attract a woman. Remember this when you want her to know your needs and questions:

How To Seduce A Woman Tips:

  • Don’t ever make her feel like she is doing something wrong. Don’t accuse her of wrongdoing, either. If you want to gently direct her to maybe do something different in the bedroom, make sure you phrase it in “I” terms, such as “I feel” because if she feels defense or accused, she’s also going to feel humiliated and not want to have sex with you again. That’s not helpful if you want to know how to seduce the girl of your dreams.
  • Don’t ever demand anything from her. Politely and gently tell her what your desires are. If she knows and isn’t willing to give it to you, then you need to move on. She’s not going to give in because you keep nagging her about it.
  • Don’t ever beg for sex. Don’t ask for more than what she willingly gives you. You can work on reinforcing her comfort level and making sure her needs are met.
  • Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to know the answers. This is a tempting area for many guys who know how to flirt with a woman, but may be jealous of a woman’s past experiences sexually. But you are going to blow it, if you ask her about them and then get angry when she answers. It’s a morbid way to torture yourself, so don’t do it. It also shows you are lacking in self-confidence. And after all, the past is over and there is nothing you can do about it anyway.
  • No really does mean no. Anyone who tells you differently is wrong. If her mood gets serious when she says no and she pushes you away or pulls away herself, this means you need to step back and revert to more foreplay.

If you pick up on the fact that things aren’t going well, nicely ask her if she is okay. Don’t make a big deal out of it though.

If you keep the communication flowing between you then you will be able to squash most problems before they even really become problems.

Another great thing to know about how to seduce an opposite sex is how to read body language. This is another way to understand what is happening and improve the communication between the two of you.

This maybe the most important tip in how to seduce a woman: slow down. If you truly want to impress her in the bedroom the make sure you are taking the time to please her. Women take more time than men. They will be more responsive and more satisfied by sex if the foreplay is long and slow. I’m not saying that there aren’t times when you both want something fast and furious, but overall, if you take your time, you will make her a happier woman. And a happy woman will want to come back for more.

-Carlos Xuma

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