Get her in your bed…

Do you want to sleep with women?

Look, let’s talk like men here.

It’s the locker room. There are no women listening in.

Be honest – you want to have sex with attractive women.

Almost ALL men do. And that’s normal and HEALTHY!

Here’s something freaky…

If a woman walked up to you and asked you if you like sex with women, what would you say?

I’ll tell you what I would have said a few years back:

“Uh, well, only if she, umm, wanted to, and we were together in a relationship.”


First of all, women know that’s a bullsh*t answer. That’s the answer that guys THINK women want them to say.

And women KNOW THIS!

It’s a test that women will give you, by seeing if you are really OWNING your own sexual desires as a man.

There was a study done recently where guys were given the opportunity to sleep with women in the first few minutes of meeting them. You know what happened?

They freaked out.

80% had issues getting it up, and the another 10-15% had “feelings of remorse.”

I have my own theory as to why this is…

I think it’s because guys are conditioned to be SUSPICIOUS of women that give up sex too quickly and easily.

We know that it’s NOT NATURAL.

I think men know instinctively that we are hunters, and that when our prey is caught TOO easily… it means there’s something wrong. Because we know that the things that come
too easily are very often deeply FLAWED.

Because the honest-to-gosh truth is that women want men who want sex. They’ve got no problem with your sexual drive.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
Women can handle any man’s desire to sleep with her as fast as possible. It’s all part of the game for her.

It’s HOW you handle that desire that speaks volumes.

But you need to know, there are only three methods to get a woman into bed…

METHOD #1 – Push her and sweet-talk her (Exhausting)

You’ll work your butt off this way, and the harder you try, the harder she usually resists.

METHOD #2 – Try to trick her into bed (Not cool…)

Hey, you can try some super-ninja seduction technique to get some. But most of the time these tricks feel manipulative and deceptive.

And women do know when you’re using them. Most of the time they are just “playing along…”

The third method to sleep with a woman is the one I’m going to tell you about in this special report.

If you don’t know what a “Magic Moment” is, then you absolutely need to read this.

METHOD #3 – Get HER to…

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Stay Alpha…!

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