Attracting Women

Attracting Women

It’s a common fact that most men are paralyzed by the fear of rejection. They can be 6-foot-4 and a professional bodybuilder and yet cower in the face of a possible “no” from a woman. The worst is when you have been dumped.

The most common reason men suffer from such a lack of self esteem when it comes to attracting women is because of past experience – they’ve been hurt.So, before you go out on the prowl again, you need to first recover from a bad break up.

Here’s my systematic plan on how to do this. It takes self-discipline, but if you are serious, let’s go:

Attracting Women Steps:

1. Hang up the phone. Staying in contact with the woman who broke your heart just means you are kicking your self-esteem to the curb over and over again. Even if you are anxious to find out about her, to hear her voice, to see if she’s dating other people, you need to stop calling her right now. Every time you feel this urge, replace it with a pleasurable activity. Maybe it’s going for a job or playing a video game, or whatever you enjoy.

2. Take a break. This means swear off women completely for at least a few weeks. Don’t think about them. Don’t pick them up. Take some time to focus on you and getting your game back together. Right now, you need to concentrate on bolstering your self-confidence. Approaching a woman right now when you are feeling low is probably going to result in a rejection anyway.

3. Once, you’ve taken a few weeks off, then you need to implement the “tease to please” plan. The idea is to be a little bit cocky, arrogant, or funny and not put women on a pedestal.

To do this, you must never approach a woman by complimenting her on her appearance. Instead, find something about her and tease her about it. For instance, you can say you notice her red shoes, but think they might look better if they were black.

When you tease, do it with a sly smile that shows you are teasing her. Take the edge off with a smile and sense of humor. You don’t want to be a jerk when you’re attracting women. The bonus is a guy who is bold and different enough to avoid complimenting her will intrigue her.

Girls do like to be teased. And it’s a fact that men who treat women as if they aren’t attracted to them, are more successful with women. So, take a chance at upsetting her and tease her. If you say it with a smile and you’re not being a doorknob, you should be successful. If she stalks off in a huff, then you saved yourself some time with a negative girl. You weeded her out before you invested any time and energy in her. You want a girl with a sense of humor, anyway, right?

So, those are some tips on getting over a break up and conquering the fear of rejection and start attracting women. Stop placing women on pedestals and you’ll overcome these fears.

-Carlos Xuma

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