How To Impress A Girl

A college student once wrote me and told me that while he can walk up an initiate a conversation with a girl anywhere and anytime, he shies away from the moment where he steps it up and asks for her phone number.

The young man wanted some ideas on how to broach that transition from being a friendly guy having a chat with her, to a guy who is interested in getting to know her more as a woman. What you need to know is how to impress a girl.

Kudos to a 21-year-old man who has already conquered one of a single guy’s biggest obstacles – approaching a woman and striking u pa conversation. He is already way ahead of the game. But I hear his second concern quite often: men worry that it is too early to start busting on a girl. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s always a good time to bust her balls.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to stand out from the crowd:

How to Impress A Girl Tips:

1. You need to come up with way to show that you are different than every other guy out there who is walking up to her. Women quickly become used to the standard way men approach. And the better looking they are, the more they are aware of their power in these interactions.

2. Don’t let her rest on the laurels of being attractive. In other words, let her know right away you aren’t going to cut her any slack for her good looks. Many attractive girls have gotten their way and had many things handed to them based on their looks alone. Show her you don’t place her on a pedestal by teasing her and treating her just like every other woman around. Show her she needs to prove herself to you just like any other girl would.

3. Overcome the hurdle of being perceived as a “stranger” as quickly as you can. Start working on building trust and ACT like a man who has known her, her entire life. Think of how he would behave and treat her that way. He would probably act like she was a pesky little sister and he would tease her. Do that.

4. Tease her. This is a shortcut that allows you to skip the small talk about the weather and get into a fun conversation. While small talk does have a purpose – establishing a level of trust, you can jump past it with your sense of humor and by teasing her. If you just assume a level of familiarity, you will seem trustworthier. Part of that has to do with being lighthearted, easygoing, and relaxed versus uptight and nervous.

If you can walk up to, a woman and strike up a conversation then teasing should almost come naturally. This young man is in college, he has numerous opportunities to tease women. For instance, maybe he sees a woman in the cafeteria. He can say, “Weren’t you in here last period ditching class?” or “Aren’t you late for French? Or was it underwater yoga?”

Like I said, just the ability to walk up to a woman already puts you ahead of the game. Now, the ball’s in your court. These are some tips on how to impress a girl.

-Carlos Xuma

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