How To Attract Women

How to attract a Women

The guy who wrote that book talking about women from Venus and men from mars, or whatever it was, was onto something. The key to learning how to attract women is understanding relationships and really comprehending how men and women are different and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

But just because men and women are different, that doesn’t mean that we are unable to understand one another. We haven’t evolved so much that some basic biological responses, instincts, and behaviors are still there.

We have had to evolve in the way we think. Part of that happens through what society teaches us, as well as what our parents teach us.

Most men and women behave in certain ways due to both societal and biological evolution. In many instances, this is emotionally based, while in others it is irrational logic. That means that it can be understood and makes senses in its own context. When you look at certain female behaviors, they are acting in irrationally logical ways.

At least to us. That’s because men and women don’t think about sex and relationships in the same way. This is a fact and the sooner you realize and accept this, the better of you will be. Don’t waste any more time trying to figure women out or even to understand them.

You don’t need to understand them to know how to attract women.

They key is accepting women as they come and moving on from there. If you sit back and watch how women act and stop trying to understand it or classify it, you can move beyond trying to change them.

All that time you spent trying to figure women out, should have been spent on learning techniques to enhance your own skills in learning how to have that attraction with them.

For instance, did you know that the most unstable time in a relationship isn’t when you are getting up the nerve to ask her out. It’s actually when you have just started dating, say somewhere between your first date and your tenth. This is the time you better have some skills up your sleeve to navigate some treacherous water. This is the time, you need to know how to have a charisma with women – right when you have one in your arms.

Attracting Women Strategies - How to attract a woman
You see, being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can relax, walk around in your underwear, and fart. In the early stages of dating, you still need to be pulling out all the punches to market yourself and give her a reason to stick around.

You need to constantly be the salesman who is selling – you! This is the most extreme example of salesmanship – when you are the product.

Learning means honing your salesmanship skills and figuring out how to attract women and just what your selling points truly are.

And the key to being a successful salesman, no matter what it is you are selling is to believe in your product 100 percent. You need to sincerely believe what you have to offer is valuable. Once you believe this deep down inside, you will have succeeded in learning how to attract women.

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