Approaching Women

Approaching Women

Did you know that women like guys who are a smidge cocky? If you can walk that fine line between being cocky and being a jerk, you will attract women by the droves. Approaching women is all about generating attraction from the get go.

In your efforts at approaching women, you should remember that any of these phrases below would lose all impact if you were acting wimpy or needy when you say them.

This kind of approach also helps you fine-tune your humor and make it instinctive to tease women. Your sense of humor is what keeps your arrogance from being too brash.

So, let’s take a look at some phrases you can pull out of your pocket and when they might work when approaching girls.

Approaching Women Phrases:

  • “Watch out or you are going to hang out around me again. Stalkers have been a problem for me in the past, so I’m a little wary.” You would say this when you’ve got her laughing and obviously enjoying your company.
  • “I’m thinking that we need to clarify that I might just rather be friends. I mean, you’re nice and all that, but I’m not ready for a relationship.” Make sure you say this in a very sarcastic way.
  • “Don’t worry about giving me your number. You won’t mind if I leave twenty messages a day. I mean what’s wrong with that. It will make you feel super popular.”
  • “I’ll drive so you can keep your hands in your lap. Sheesh, you’re always making passes at me and I’m starting to feel like a sex object.” Say this with fake indignation.
  • This is great when going near women you don’t know. Say, you are in an elevator with a pretty girl, you might make a comment like this: “I hate it when everyone just stares at the floors. Don’t you? Nah? You probably wonder about the friendly people in the elevator chatting you up, don’t you? Say this smiling and be very laid back.
  • If you are in a very crowded club or bar, you can say this with great effect: “Excuse me! Did you just touch my butt? I don’t even know you, how rude.”
  • Or when walking by someone in a club or bar you can say: “Excuse me, we’re you just checking out my boobs? It’s so rude that everyone stares now that I had that reduction surgery.”
  • If a woman brings up sex, you might say: “Sex is way over-rated. I’m on this new program – an inner-light development one – that tells me I’m more attractive if I abstain from sex.” Then shake and fidget and ask: “Do you think it’s working?” with a zany look on your face.
  • She brings up kids. “You like kids? I’m just not certain I’m ready to get pregnant. I’ve got the hips for it, but I’m worried about gaining weight.”
  • She brings up money: “You sound like you want to marry me for my family fortune. The new trend is trading W-2s and credit reports.

There are many more ways you can amuse a girl and show you are cocky and self confident, but these should give you a boost when you are brainstorming about the best things to say when approaching women.

-Carlos Xuma

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