Flirting Tips For Men

Flirting Tips For Men

The most powerful advice I can give you and the most important flirting tips for men I can share often have to do with reading a woman’s body language. The ability to figure out what she is saying non verbally can save you time and money and maybe even heartache.

The easiest seduction tips for men about body language are obvious: if she is engaged, then you can be fairly certain she is giving you the green light. Here are some body language indicators that can show whether you’re getting the green light or should come to a full stop.

Here are some body language indications that she is interested in you and some of their opposite body language indicators, which shows she could care less. These need to be part of your arsenal as they are important flirting techniques for men.

Flirting Tips For Men:

  • Glances at you occasionally. If she wants you to split, she won’t even look in your direction.
  • Looks at you a couple times. If she doesn’t like you, she will avoid any eye contact.
  • Holds your gaze briefly. Her gaze will not linger if she’s not interested.
  • Looks down before looking away.
  • Noticeable change in her posture, seems alert
  • Crosses her arms.
  • Plays with hair or clothes.
  • Faces toward you. A strong indicator of disinterest is if she turns her body or parts of her body away from you
  • Head is tilted.
  • Slight narrowing of eyes.
  • Smiling at you.
  • Mirrors your posture or other gestures you make
  • Bright eyes
  • Lip licking

When you are learning flirting techniques, you could actually go really deep into the study of body language and how it reveals more than you realize. In fact, I would recommend you pick up a book on body language just to learn how you should sit, stand, and walk to convey confidence and to increase attraction to you. But right now, let’s concentrate on recognizing signs of interest and disinterest in women. Here are a few behaviors or body language indicators that mean she wants to be left alone.

  • She seems tense, restless, impatient, and bored with you and the conversation.
  • She has closed posture.
  • Holds drink high in her hand.
  • Taps or squeezes things around her.
  • Keeps legs crossed without crossing and uncrossing them repeatedly
  • Doesn’t reveal open hand, keeps back of hand toward you.
  • Swinging her crossed leg.
  • Keeps her shoes on (versus dangling a shoe)
  • Touches face (not lips, which would indicate interest)
  • Avoids touching you.
  • Leans away from you

This doesn’t include everything, but it is a great basis and should be required reading for anyone studying flirting tips for men. Knowing and recognizing these actions and behaviors should give you a few tools to put in your tool chest to determine whether it’s time to stay or go. If you think about it, your subconscious is already reading these signals and telling you what to do about them all the time. Sometimes it takes being just a little bit aware of the signs of interest and non interest to help you find more success in the dating area.

-Carlos Xuma

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