How To Ask A Girl Out

How To Ask A Girl Out

It’s a ritual that has gone on for ages – you see a girl you like and you ask her for a date.

In fact, the whole point of learning how to approach women is to walk away with a phone number or having arranged a future date, right?

How to ask a woman for a date means putting yourself out on a limb and risking rejection. So how do you avoid this scenario?

Easy. Don’t ask women out on dates.

How To Ask a Girl for a DateBear with me, here. I don’t mean to stop going out and having a great time with women. What I mean is stop framing it as a date scenario.

When you ask a woman out on a date, she automatically assumes you are romantically interested in her, that you probably want to have sex with her and that you might even end up hurting her in a break up. That is the thought process that asking a woman out on a date could trigger when you approach women.

What if she doesn’t know you or enough about you to know if she is ready to embark on a romantic relationship? She’ll turn you down.

How To Ask A Girl Out – Tip 1: Attraction takes time to develop, so be patient.

So what should you be doing?

Well if you want to learn how to ask women out, consider the two scenarios you present to a woman: A) a traditional meal and date where there will be pressure to see if you two click romantically and maybe you will try to kiss her after or B) An opportunity to have fun, without any pressure.

She’s going to want option B. Trust me.

It’s a low-risk option for her. She will not feel pressured to kiss you or feel romantic with you and will view it as a chance to go out and have fun. Option B also makes her question whether you are interested in her. That mystery is very attractive when you’re learning how to approach women.

Here’s how to put it into play: Say you just met her walking down the street, ask if she has time for a coffee or tea.

If she doesn’t have time, then you can ask for a number or her email. If she hesitates, then tease her. Make her feel silly that she doesn’t trust you. If it is done right and with a lighthearted touch, it will ease her fears about giving her number to a stranger. You might say something such as, “What? Are you worried I’ll leave 500 messages on your machine? Just write it down!” and hand her the pen and paper.

How To Ask A Girl Out – Tip 2: Take charge. Be masculine.

Later, invite her to that coffee or tea she didn’t have time for before. It’s a low pressure and casual way for how to ask a girl out.

She’s not going to be worried about you making moves on her in the coffee shop. It’s a chance for you to show her what a fun, relaxed, alpha male you are. It’s a chance for her to figure out that you would be even more fun on a real date, later on.

It’s low risk and high pay off. And that’s especially important for you when you’re practicing how to ask a girl out – because this will reinforce in your mind how easy it actually can be.

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