How To Attract Women

During the seduction game, there is bound to be a moment when the woman you have spent time seducing and pursuing begins to yawn and act disinterested and bored.

Maybe she’s wondering what she ever saw in you. Maybe it’s that time of the month or she’s in a crappy mood. Whatever it may be, you feel ignored and unappreciated. When you learn about how to attract women, you find there are ways to handle this that will pay off in the long run.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to prove yourself to her. This lull in a relationship will most likely with almost every woman you will date, so your best defense is offense – be prepared. In many ways, this will have NOTHING to do with you. In learning about how to seduce women, you will realize it has more to do with her and her emotions than anything to do with you. She might be wondering if you are going to react like every other guy she’s dated.

For instance, say you meet for drinks and things go swimmingly. She seems like she’s really go her act together and likes you back. The second time you get together for a date and she is fun to be around and even more interesting. Everything is working just like you intended when you set out to learn attracting women. On the third date, unexpectedly, she holds you at arms length and acts distant and even a little cool toward you. She doesn’t talk much and the whole date is uncomfortable and awkward. What happened?

What happened doesn’t matter. How you react is what matters. Don’t ever react in a negative way. Don’t get mad. Don’t clam up yourself. Don’t let the awkwardness make you act wimpy or needy. Acting distant yourself or losing your temper only shows her the following unattractive behaviors.

How To Attract Women:

1. She can control your mood. This makes you appear dependent and insecure. It’s a good way to flush the toilet on any attraction.

2. She can control your ability to have fun. Same thing as above – it makes you seem clingy and needy.

3. You fit her preconceived stereotype. What I mean by that is that she sees you react the same way every other guy she’s dated acted. You start out as a nice guy but then get pissy when things don’t go your way. (Keep in mind she doesn’t even realize her behavior caused your reaction.)

Instead of reacting negatively, remember if you want to be successful in attracting women, you need to act calm, cool, and confident. Maybe show you are having a good time and that her attitude is not affecting you. Increase your happy, relaxed routine as she becomes more distant. It is not easy or fun to do, but you need to be strong. You need to prove that she can’t push your buttons.

Your date might end with her still acting aloof. That’s OK. Chances are she will still be interested in you and even more so.

When you are using this technique about how to attract women, remember that she can only push you so far. If she starts acting nasty and very distant where it verges on disrespect, then confront her.

Let her know you won’t put up with passive-aggressive behavior. You can point out, nicely, how she is acting and ask her if something is wrong. If she doesn’t get over it then, you might consider ending the date.

If you put up with her behavior, you are showing wimpy, insecure behavior.

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